9 Ways to Combat a Cannabis Hangover

Too many of us know the effects of an alcohol-related hangover all too well. While some may say their out-all-night-in-the-club partying days are over, there’s a lesser-known type of hangover that may occur as you get older. It’s the cannabis hangover. Yes, it’s real, and yes it’s becoming more common as millennials age out of their vodka Redbull phase and into their Kush-on-the-couch phase.

Is a Cannabis Hangover Really a Thing?

Before providing some tips on how to combat a cannabis hangover, it would be best, to begin with describing what it is! To start with, not everyone who uses marijuana feels hungover from it the next day, and if you were mixing it with alcohol usage in the same night the more severe symptoms are most likely on account of too much booze as opposed to having had a few too many hits from a joint. That said, some people really do experience a cannabis hangover even if zero alcohol was consumed, and it is generally, but not always, more likely to happen if it was used in excess vs. moderation. Probably one of the most common things that you’ll experience with a cannabis hangover is some brain fog, grogginess, dry itchy eyes, and cottonmouth (but not the same as being dehydrated from drinking too much alcohol). However, there are those who can also have some mild nausea and/or a lingering headache when hungover from weed. 

As such, listed below are eight tips for how to deal with a cannabis hangover.

Tips to Overcome a Cannabis Hangover

First and foremost, just like an alcohol hangover, a cannabis hangover will eventually go away on its own, but doing some or all of these things below should help you feel better until that happens.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Just like when you have a hangover from one too many alcoholic beverages, hydrating and staying hydrated is key. And though this should be understood, it still needs to be said: hydrate with water and avoid caffeine. If you wake up experiencing cottonmouth, dry itchy eyes, and/or a headache, then caffeine is just going to dehydrate you even more and will exacerbate those symptoms more. So, stick to drinking a lot of water until those symptoms alleviate before you start brewing a pot of coffeeIn fact, hydrating and staying hydrated when you’re using cannabis can often help prevent some of the symptoms listed above.

Eat a Hearty and Nutritious Breakfast

Or, if mornings are not your thing, then lunch. This is a time where you should hold off on throwing that frozen pizza into the oven or having fast food delivered, instead: Get some healthy and lean fats and proteins into you as well as some carbs. Regardless of what you eat, just try and avoid heavily-processed foods and focus more on ones that are rich in nutrients.

Get Moving (Preferably Outdoors)

It is amazing what moving your body and getting some fresh air for even a solid 20 minutes can do. Getting your circulation going, breathing, and filling your lungs and brain with some new oxygen supplies, etc. will help not only wake you up but also help clear some of that brain fog.

Take a Shower or Bath

Taking a shower is an excellent way to refresh and hydrate yourself, and is one of the simplest ways to combat feelings of d lethargy. A cool shower is great if you want it to really wake you up, but a hot shower is also an excellent choice as the steam opens up your airways. Furthermore, the water pressure can have therapeutic, massaging effects. Or if you’re more of a bath person, then a nice warm soak will do too! Plus, there’s just something about being clean that always makes one feel that much better, especially if your marijuana hangover involved some late-night partying.

Buy an Over-the-Counter Pain Reliever

If your cannabis hangover includes a headache that won’t go away, then take something like ibuprofen or acetaminophen. Drinking it down with some lemon water is also helpful.

Ginger Tea Helps a Cannabis Hangover

While the first tip is to avoid caffeine, the caveat is: if you’re not experiencing any of the symptoms that come with dehydration but are experiencing some brain fog, lethargy, or just general sluggishness, then caffeinating can definitely help to stimulate your mind and body and help get you going about your day by providing that added boost of energy you need. If you’re experiencing mild nausea, ginger helps with settling digestive symptoms. Making your ginger tea with some lemon and/or honey can do a lot to calm an upset stomach.

Rest as Much as Possible (Go to Bed Early!)

Sometimes no matter what you do, the only way you can deal with feeling unwell is to sleep it off. That said, if you do stay in bed, do try your best to stay hydrated and to eat some healthy, balanced meals. If you can’t stay in bed all day due to work, then maybe take the night off from marijuana and go to bed a bit earlier than your usual. Chances are you will wake up feeling a whole lot better.

How to Recognize a Cannabis Hangover

While some don’t believe that cannabis hangovers are real, the fact is, if you’ve ever felt even a little sluggish or brain foggy the morning after enjoying a nice strain, then that’s a “cannabis hangover.” And, now that you have these eight tips for how to combat a marijuana hangover, you know that there are several things you can do to significantly alleviate and reduce any adverse effects you might experience the next day.

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