6 Ways to Make Your Cannabis Last Longer

make weed stash last

Wish your cannabis buds lasted a little longer? Whether you grow your own marijuana from feminized cannabis seeds or buy from a dispensary, these quick tips can help you make the most of your stock.

Six Ways to Make Your Pot Last Longer

    1. Dole Out Your Pot

      If you feel like you should be getting more from your grams, one great way to elongate your stash is to separate it into daily doses. Maybe you’ve done this with your Halloween candy or your favorite high-carb snack? Why should your cannabis be any different?

      Take a look at the collection of cannabis you have in front of you, then do some research or draw from your own experiences to determine how long that quantity should last you. If you roll your own joints, for example, some folks say you should allot about 0.35 grams per joint. That might mean you need to set aside 0.35 grams per day – or maybe for every two days.

      Once you make the determination, separate your weed into a pill case or separate containers. If you really don’t trust yourself, as your roommate or significant other to squirrel away the portions until it’s time to use them!

      (This could be a good time to determine if you’re maybe using a bit more marijuana than you initially intended. This takes us to number two…)

    2. Consider Cutting Back

      should I cut back on pot
      Using a bit less or switching to a different strain could prolong the life of your stash.

      Maybe you didn’t even notice until you started breaking it down, but if you realize you’re overindulging some days, the most obvious way to make your marijuana last is to cut back on consumption.No judgment, here. Everyone requires and desires different quantities depending on a ton of factors, and that’s fine, so you just worry about yourself. Consider your habits – do you light up three times a day from habit?

      If it’s a question of potential therapeutic relief, you could consider purchasing or growing a strain that’s higher in THC or CBD. Even though some high-THC strains might be a bit more expensive than those with less, we’re willing to bet you’ll come out ahead in the long run if you don’t need to use as much.

      Another way to facilitate cutting back is by taking a tolerance break. Did you know your body’s tolerance level can fall quite quickly if you take appropriate steps? You can definitely cut back on consumption by reducing how much pot your body needs to get high.

      (PS: Microdosing is another way to reduce consumption.)

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  1. Opt for Vaping

    Compared to rolling papers, a vape pen can seem like a big investment, but did you know that vaporizers can actually make your weed last longer? This is because, by heating the cannabis at a lower temperature, the pen doesn’t burn through your bud as quickly and, in fact, you’ll get more cannabinoids from a single draw than you would with a bong or joint.

    Check out our article about Vaporizing vs. Smoking for more details, or take a look at our guest blog post, the Ultimate Cannabis Vaping Guide.

  2. Have Edibles Ready to Go

    edibles medical marijuana
    Edibles offer longer-lasting relief, which means you can dose less often.

    Why not consider whipping up some edibles? Go with the classic brownies or cookies, or make your supper using cannabutter; because your body needs to metabolize the food before the cannabis kicks in, edibles take longer to take effect, but because the absorption rate is lower, the effects can last as much as twice the length of time. This is a great way to minimize how much you’re using without reducing effectiveness.

  3. Use a Grinder

    If you just crumble the weed you roll, you might want to think about picking up a grinder. A good one will cost a bit, but you can save the kief (that would fall off the leaves anyway) for concentrates or infusions.

  4. Grow Your Own Marijuana!

    What a shock that this is the final point on our list! As you probably are aware, growing your own cannabis can save you a bundle in the long run, and if you time it right, you’ll always have a plant ready for harvest, and a jar just finished curing.

    Choose from more than three dozen unique cannabis seed strains from Growers Choice. They’re all feminized, and we have auto-flowering options for those who want a quicker growth, as well as high-CBD/low-THC, picks for the patients who prefer to avoid the high.

What’s your favorite method for prolonging your pot? Let us know in the comments below!

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