Can I get addicted to cannabis?

Cannabis is habit-forming, but we wouldn’t consider it as addictive as some of the other “party” drugs that are available today. It’s less addictive, in fact, that both alcohol and tobacco, and withdrawal is rare.

We do want to highlight, however, the fact that cannabis has the potential to help people who are addicted to other, more serious drugs. It may seem counter intuitive to treat one psychoactive drug with another, but the practical standpoint here is that cannabis is the lesser of two evils. When properly regulated and safely consumed, cannabis has little or no lasting effects.

What’s the best way to consume cannabis?

Consumption of cannabis is pretty personal, though there are definitely more ways to ingest it than smoking. Vaping, a technique that involves heating cannabis plant matter to just below heating, has gained in traction over the last few years. You can also get cannabis edibles – treats and food that contain cannabis oil as an ingredient. Or cannabis oil, a potent oil synthesized from hemp or CBD-rich cannabis plants.

Why should I buy cannabis seeds?

You know the old adage about teaching a man to fish? It applies to growing cannabis as well. Simply put, why continue to buy one-off joints or bags of cannabis when you can develop your own fresh and trusted supply at home? Healthy, strong plants can produce up to three harvests, if you’re doing it right. Especially when you purchase your cannabis seeds from a reputable shop like Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds.

Shop our selection of world-class cannabis seeds, all hand-picked and inspected to ensure our customers get nothing but the best. We’re so confident in our seeds we offer a 90% germination guarantee. If your seeds don’t germinate, we’ll replace them on our dime.

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Sanford locals love their Growers Choice cannabis seeds

So far I’ve bought Blueberry and Super Silver Haze. I like them both, I got 4/5 and 5/5 germination, which I’m pretty happy with. Decent sized plants and a healthy harvest from both. I’m just curing the bud right now, but I’ve dipped in a few times and I’m pretty stoked.

Adam F., Sanford, ME

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