What is a cannabis terpene?

Before you pick up your Lewiston cannabis seeds, learn a bit about the properties of the cannabis plant!

The second a joint is sparked, that distinctive cannabis scent wafts into the air, and you’d know that tell-tale aroma anywhere. What you might not notice are the subtle, although sometimes pronounced, different smells between cannabis strains, a product of cannabis terpenes.

In essence, terpenes are what you smell, the pungent oils that add unique flavor to the many cannabis variates, like Jack Herer, which is citrusy. Many factors influence a plant’s development of terpenes, including the weather, age, soil, even the time of day. And terpenes aren’t just for scent and taste – like the essential oils they populate, they also have distinct therapeutic properies. For example:

  • Pinene (found in Jack Herer) can ease inflammation
  • Linalool (Amnesia) can soothe anxious thoughts
  • Myrcene (Northern Lights) is an antiseptic

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Does CBD cannabis have terpenes?

CBD is a cannabinoid, and cannabinoids and terpenes are mutually exclusive. You can manipulate the different types of terpenes found in a particular strain, but this shouldn’t have an effect of the percentage of either THC or CBD present in a given strain.

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