What are Durban Poison cannabis seeds?

At one point in time, coming across pure indica or sativa strains was common place, but with the advent of cross-breeding to develop genetically-enhanced crops, 100% landrace varieties are nearly impossible to find. Which is what makes Durban Poison such a rare treat – a pure sativa that offers an incredible, uplifting high and has a characteristic sweet, delicious smell that has made it a favorite among cannabis enthusiasts for decades. You can purchase top quality Hagers cannabis seeds, like Durban Poison, when you shop online with Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds – we deliver across the United States.

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Often higher in the cannabinoid THC, sativa cannabis seeds are ideally suited to uplifting mood, boosting creative energy, and treating conditions like depression, anxiety, stress, and even bipolar disorder. Durban Poison itself is known for providing a good dose of cheer and energy that can ease social stresses or just give them a little bit of energy, lasting somewhere between two and three hours, after a long night or poor sleep. Not technically a medical strain, this sativa does offer moderate pain relief and might be useful for muscle tension or mild chronic pain experienced during the day.

Are there other cannabis seeds like Durban Poison?

If you’re hesitant to take on pure sativa strain like Durban Poison, a hybrid may be more up your alley. Consider strains like Tangerine Dream or the uber popular Jack Herer, a near balanced hybrid (55% sativa to 45% indica) that is considered a medical-grade pharmaceutical in the Netherlands.

Can I legally buy cannabis seeds in Hagers?

Patients in Maryland cities like Hagers have legally had access to medical cannabis products since 2014 when the state passed their medical marijuana laws. The list of qualifying conditions isn’t quite as comprehensive as states like Colorado or Washington, but residents here with provable conditions like cachexia, anorexia, or wasting syndrome, chronic pain, nausea, seizures, and severe or persistent muscle spasms can use pot as part of their therapeutic regime.

For the time being, cultivating a medical garden at home in Hagers isn’t allowed, though with legislation becoming more accepting of weed in the United States, there’s a good chance that this is an option that will be available down the line. You can start stocking up on weed seeds though, since these innocuous little miracle makers are considered collector’s items when not germinated.

Cannabis seeds for sale in Hagers

The most trustworthy and convenient way to purchase Hagers cannabis seeds is to visit Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds online. Indica, sativa, and hybrids, we have curated a selection of some of the finest, most potent seeds from around the world, ideal for medical and recreational purposes. Grown and cared for by a team of horticultural experts, our seeds are hand-picked and inspected for viability, carefully packaged in medical-grade glass vials to guarantee freshness during transit (and longer, if necessary to preserve your beans until the time is just right), and can be delivered quickly and discreetly anywhere in the US.

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Growers Choice is awesome, they really take pride in their seeds. They’re the best! I’ve ordered from them a few times now and every little bean has been in perfect condition when it gets to me, absolutely beautiful. If I have questions about a certain strain or whatever, one of their team always gets back to me pretty quickly, which is great! I hate when you have to wait days for a response when I’m like, take my money! Ha… I recommend these guys. Great service and great seeds.

Ethan H., Hagers, MD

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