Everything You Need to Know About the Difference Between Sativa and Indica


When you start to get into the world of marijuana, you will start to hear different descriptors of different strains. Some of them are related to the flavor or the aroma. There are sweet strains, fruity strains, peppery strains, earthy strains, skunky strains, and so on. Why not try out a few of them to see what you like best? When you are growing your own marijuana at home for personal use, it’s worth trying a few different strains. See how they turn out! Growing your marijuana plants for your personal use is simple enough, and it also is a great way to save money in the long run.

However, there is another way in which marijuana is often described. You might hear about strains such as sativas or indicas. Now, the strain flavors and aromas are possible to parse yourself. You know what something peppery may taste like, or what a sweet smell is. On the other hand, words like “sativa” and “indica” don’t necessarily indicate anything. What is a sativa? What is an indica? Also, what is the difference between sativas, indicas, and other kinds of marijuana strains? Let’s talk about the difference between sativas and indicas, and why it matters to marijuana users and growers.

What’s the physical difference between sativa and indica?

Not all marijuana is the same. If you look at different strains, you can tell that they look different. Sometimes those physical differences are because one strain is sativa, while the other is indica. Sativas and indicas are different types of cannabis plants.

Literally, they are known as Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica. They are all cannabis plants, and sativas and indica plants are marijuana. However, sativas and indicas are different, and you can identify them by the way they look oftentimes.

Sativas grow naturally in Africa and Central America. They are natively found in hot places. Indicas, though, are found in cooler climates. For example, indicas grow naturally in the Hindu Kush mountain range. Yes, that’s where strains with “Kush” in their name trace their lineage to. Kush strains are almost always indica strains, or have indica parentage.

Sativa plants grow taller and are less thick and robust. Perhaps they are climbing toward the sun. They tend to be less leafy as well. Because sativa strains grow tall, if you are growing them indoors you will likely have to top them. Indicas strains, though, are shorter and squatter. They are thick, dense plants. This does make them better for indoor grows as well. Also, if a strain is purple, that is likely an indica plant. Thus, strains with “purple” or “grape” in their names are likely indicas, since purple weed is naturally indica-leaning by and large. However, it should be noted that purple strains are not actually naturally stronger, though that is an often-repeated bit of weed lore.

What’s the difference between sativa and indica when you smoke them?

Alright, different heights and densities are one thing, but that’s not what you are really interested in, right? That’s more about identifying the difference between sativa and indica plants. When you use sativa or indica, what’s the difference? Well, there are quite a few differences between sativa and indica plants. Sativas are energizing strains. They uplift you and give you more mental and physical energy. Sativas also give you a headier high. If you want to feel your psychotropic effects physically, go with sativas. As such, sativas are a favorite of artistically or socially-minded smokers. You can get creative with a sativa and have fun with friends. Indicas, on the other hand, kind of do the opposite. An indica strain is going to relax you and calm you down. These are for chilling out or unwinding at the end of the day. Indicas also provide you with more bodily effects than cerebral.

What’s the difference between sativa and indica in terms of when and why to use them?

Sativas, as energizing strains, are best used during the day. If you want to wake and bake, go with a sativa strain. On the other hand, if you use sativas at night, you might have trouble sleeping. Treat sativas as you might treat caffeine.

Indicas, meanwhile, make for great nighttime strains. As relaxing as they are, they are perfect for leading you to sleep. A wake-and-bake smoker is advised to avoid indicas, though, unless they want to fall right back asleep and not be all that productive.

Is there a difference between sativa, indica, and hybrid strains?

Now, having discussed sativas and indicas, we have to introduce hybrids into the mix. In fact, most strains used these days are hybrids. Hybrids have parentage that mixes sativas and indicas. They are, as the name suggests, a hybrid of sativa and indica strains. Some are sativa dominant, some are indica dominant, and some are balanced. It all depends on what you want. A balanced hybrid will give you a nice mix of sativa and indica feelings. An indica-dominant strain will lean toward a body stone and relaxation, but that hint of sativa might be enough to keep you from dozing off. On the other hand, the sativa-dominant strains will be energizing, but that smidge of indica can keep you from getting too revved up. There are also strains that will start with a sativa or indica sensation but then flip as their effects wear on.

Now you know the difference between sativa, indica, and hybrid strains. With that, it’s time to go to the Growers Choice Seeds website and pick the strains you want to grow. The most-popular strains we have at the moment include:

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