Everything You Need to Know About Indica Weed vs. Sativa


Let’s say you enjoy pizza. You don’t merely just eat “pizza,” right? You have preferences. We’re talking toppings, and style, maybe you are into a flavored crust. You know how in an old movie or TV show that isn’t all that thought out somebody will walk into a bar and just order a “beer?” In real life, people don’t really do that. With marijuana, it’s the same thing. You don’t just smoke “marijuana.” If you are going to grow your own marijuana for your personal use, that means you are going to be choosing seeds for your strains. Nobody ever reaches out to us at Growers Choice Seeds to buy seeds and says, “Surprise me!” Hey, if somebody did we’d be down for it, but that’s a bold, unusual idea. Marijuana strains vary and provide assorted experiences. Some you will like better than others. There is a good chance you’ve heard of indica strains, and also of sativa strains. Even casual marijuana smokers have probably heard of indica and sativa. What do those terms mean, though? We aren’t saying that indica or sativa is better, and you don’t necessarily need to choose sides. However, they are different types of cannabis, and you may have a preference. Even if you don’t, you should know how to contrast and compare indica weed vs. sativa weed. It will make you a better, happier marijuana user, and also a better marijuana grower.

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What Are The Physical Differences In Terms Of Indica Weed Vs. Sativa?

There is no such thing as a singular “marijuana plant.” In fact, there are different types of cannabis. Cannabis indica and Cannabis sativa are actually, botanically, not the same plant, even if they are both cannabis plants. These plant types have flourished by growing in different parts of the world and thus growing into different types of cannabis. Sativas are taller, less dense plants. They grow high and often need to be topped by cannabis growers. Sativas come from hotter climates, which played a role in this. Indicas are found more often in colder, rockier terrains. Mountain regions like the Hindu Kush give us our indicas. These plants are stocky. That is to say, they are shorter and denser. There is a thickness and robustness to your typical indica. Additionally, most naturally-purple strains are indicas as well. If you see purple in a plant, it’s likely an indica if it’s in the wild. Now you can identify sativas and indicas on sight. What about when you smoke them?

How Will I Feel If I Smoke Indica Weed Vs. Sativa?

Indicas and sativas didn’t just diverge into plants that look different. They also provide fundamentally-different smoking experiences. Let’s start with the indica side of things. Indicas are for relaxation. They are built to bring you down—but in a good way. Looking to unwind? To chill out? Then indicas are for you! Sometimes you want to unwind, maybe you feel the need to unwind, and indicas are right for you. These strains are also known for the heavy body high. You can feel an indica from your toes to the top of your head. Sativas, on the other hand, is uplifting. They give you a boost of energy in your body and your mind. Some people even experience euphoria when they use sativa. These strains give you what they call a heady high. You feel it more in your brain, getting those things percolating. Sativas are favorites of creative types and people who want to have a high going on while they go about their day. Safely, of course. If you are impaired, don’t be doing anything like driving a car. Enjoy your sativas – and indicas – wisely!

What Are the Different Potential Therapeutic Effects Between Indica Weed Vs. Sativa?

Both indicas and sativas are reported, by some cannabis users, to help alleviate different kinds of symptoms. While there is no guarantee every individual will find relief, there is a good amount of anecdotal evidence that supports the idea that cannabis can be helpful for some. Sativas, in particular, are found by some individuals to be helpful for producing greater amounts of energy, while indicas are known to help users feel calm.

What’s The Story Of Indica Weed Vs. Sativa Weed Vs. Hybrid Weed?

We can’t just leave it at indica and sativa. Back in the day, these were the only two types of marijuana. They grew naturally, they got used for their psychoactive and potential therapeutic properties, and that was that. Then, people got involved. They started to cross-breed indicas and sativas with one another. Now, we have hybrid strains. These strains combine indica and sativa parentage. Some are indica dominant, some are sativa dominant, and others are balanced hybrids. There are still some pure indicas around, like Critical Purple. And, of course, pure sativas like Durban Poison are around as well. You can still enjoy indicas and sativas with your friends here at Growers Choice Seeds. However, most strains these days are hybrids. You can get hybrids that start off energizing but then dip into a relaxing indica experience. Others are relaxing like an indica, but with enough sativa to keep you from getting couch-lock or from feeling too sleepy. You may now be able to tell indica weed vs. sativa weed in nature, but you aren’t going into nature. You are ordering seeds from Growers Choice to be delivered so you can grow marijuana at home. Want an indica? There are options! The same goes for sativas as well. All in all, though, maybe a hybrid is what you are looking for. There are dozens of popular hybrid strains available from our store right now. Now that you know the differences between indica weed vs. sativa, maybe instead the place to go is the hybrid route, which includes strains like:

  • Diesel
  • Jack Herer
  • Tangerine Dream
  • White Widow
  • Gorilla Glue

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