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Guest Post: The Ultimate Cannabis Vaping Guide

Cannabis vaping guide by guest
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We’re so happy to welcome Michael to our blog today, to tell us all about vaporizing with cannabis! Michael is a marketing and creative content specialist at with a primary focus on customer satisfaction. Technology and fitness combined with a healthy lifestyle obsession are his main talking points. Take it away, Michael!

Vaporizing with Cannabis

When it comes to ingesting cannabis, a person has several choices. There is the combustion method – lighting a joint or a bowl with fire. There is also vaporization when a person uses either a desktop or a personal, portable vaporizer. There are also edibles – cookies, brownies, and other delicious treats. But, when it comes to vaping versus smoking, is vaping really that much better for you? Some studies say yes – and there’s little doubt that it’s easier on the lungs.

Vaping vs. Smoking?

First, we’ll address the topic of whether vaping is truly better for you. Current research indicates that smoking cannabis actually releases more carcinogens and fewer cannabinoids than vaping. Another study showed that patients who vaporized had fewer respiratory symptoms than those who smoked. In yet another study, it was discovered that smoking cannabis releases more than 100 toxic compounds. Yuck.

To further promote vaping – it gives you so many more options than smoking. Bowls and joints can typically only use buds or flowers, though you can smoke hash like this. However, vaping opens the door to waxes, oils, and distillates. And, if you still want to go old-school, vaporizers can handle dry herbs as well.

Many vape pens made for oils and concentrates have disposable cartridges that you replace when they are empty. Still more have specific tanks or atomizers for dry herbs or concentrates – so make sure you’ve got the right tank or atomizer for your chosen cannabis product. Here’s an additional bonus about vaping: it produces less of that tell-tale aroma, so it’s more discreet. And e-pens make it easy to vape on the go. It’s perfect for those who live busy lives but still want to enjoy their cannabis.

Different Cannabis Ingestion Methods

One must consider that the different ingestion methods have specific advantages, and may help one person more than another. Take smoking for example; if you need high doses of THC for therapeutic purposes, it’s a great choice. However, the drawback is that doses cannot be accurately measured. Vaporization makes it easier on the lungs, but unless you’re using precisely measured doses in cartridges, it is still hard to reach a therapeutic dose. Edibles are by far the best way to ensure a proper dose and you are getting 100% of the THC or CBD. The drawback, however, is the time the therapeutic components can take to kick in – between 30 minutes and 2 hours. Some people have even experienced unpleasantly intense symptoms because they did not feel anything and ate another brownie.

Vaping Temp Guide

Keep in mind – that with vaping, temperature matters. Unlike carbonization with fire, temperatures can determine everything from the kind of high or relief you want to the effects of the terpenes, those aromatics that work in conjunction with cannabinoids to customize your medication. The temperature guide below should help you determine what temperatures you need for your specific therapeutic needs.

vaporizing cannabis temperature table
When vaporizing, different temperatures activate different cannabinoids

When it comes to setting temperature, some e-pens do not have a way to set temperature, while others do. Desktop vaporizers and electronic dab nails almost always have a way to set temperature, but some models lack this option. However, as the above examples show, being able to set the temperature is hugely beneficial. Keep this in mind when you shop for a vaporizer. Having the option to customize the temperature is important.

Vaping is one of the healthier ways to consume cannabis. Whether you’re looking for the recreational or therapeutic use of cannabis, vaping is one of the better options out there. Studies show that it is healthier and that you get more of the active compounds you want and need. It’s also stealthier, to boot. Why not choose to vape to enhance your cannabis experience?

Order your favorite Cannabis Seed strain, and give vaporizing a try!

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