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Cannabis Hallucinations Explained

cannabis hallucinations explained

Whether we like to admit it or not, there’s still a great deal about cannabis that remains a mystery. As much as we think of ourselves as experts in our field we must face facts that cannabis research is never-ending. Now more than ever, researchers are bucking down on the effects of cannabis and how it alters our mind and body—case in point, cannabis hallucinations.

To Trip Or Not To Trip?

Among cannabis users, you have heard that certain strains feel trippy, dreamy, or loopy. But are these people actually hallucinating? The topic of cannabis hallucinations is currently up for debate. Some equate negative side effects to a bad trip, accompanied by dizziness, disorientation, paranoia, and vomiting. Others crave the trippy effects as it makes the high more enjoyable.

Does Cannabis Make You Hallucinate?

Well, according to scientific studies, the answer is both yes and no. Cannabis can lead to hallucinations in certain users, although it’s not a common side effect. claims that a genetic mutation may be the leading cause of cannabis hallucinations.

“Subjects who report seeing, smelling, or hearing things that weren’t really there all shared one thing in common: a mutation in the CHRM3 gene.” At the risk of sounding overly scientific and complicated, M3 receptors help regulate insulin in the brain and regulate glucose. A mutation of this gene can lead to cannabis hallucinations. This conclusion stemmed from a batch of universities who participated in the same study…

  • Yale University
  • Washington University
  • Indiana University
  • Boston University
  • University of Pennsylvania’s Schools of Medicine
  • State University of New York Downstate

Researchers at these universities collected DNA samples from over 9,000 American subjects. Then, they asked the subjects, “Because of your marijuana use, did you ever experience any of the following: Hearing, seeing, or smelling things that weren’t really there?”

Participants who said yes all shared one thing in common: an M3 mutation.

Cannabis Strains With Psychedelic Effects

As mentioned earlier, some cannabis users find the psychedelic effects appealing as opposed to overwhelming. Even without a genetic mutation, certain strains can make you more sensitive to light, bright colors, and sounds. It’s not exactly a hallucination, per se, but more so of an exaggeration of the sense. At Growers Choice Seeds, we have a batch of cannabis strains that may cause psychedelic-like sensations…

  1. Purple Haze
  2. Amnesia
  3. Durban Poison
  4. Haze XL
  5. Mexican Haze

A word of caution with these strains—in accompaniment with psychedelic sensations, they can also cause dizziness, paranoia, and sweaty palms. Rest assured that these side effects will pass with time but you can also mellow out your high with certain activities.

How To Counteract Psychedelic Effects

Once cannabis makes its way into your bloodstream, it’s hard to hit the pause or stop button on the effects ahead. That being said, there are ways to “lower” your high if the psychedelic effects prove to be too much. The secret here is a distraction.

It’s best to distract your mind from cannabis’ effects—read a book, take a cool shower, go for a walk outside, watch your favorite comedy, drink a refreshing glass of water. This next one may sound like a cannabis myth, but some users report feeling less high after eating black pepper. It’s worth a try!

Have You Ever Hallucinated From Cannabis?

We’re curious to learn more about the subject of cannabis hallucinations. Tell us, have you ever experienced a hallucination or something close? If so, share your experience with us in the comment section below.

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