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Did you know that over 35 million Americans consider themselves “regular” cannabis users? That makes cannabis the most popular, federally illegal drug. Out of that staggering number, a large percentage of Americans depend on—not just use—cannabis.

If you’re looking for potential therapeutic benefits without the psychoactive effects for which cannabis is known, you have come to the right place. Growers Choice offers a wide selection of high CBD cannabis seeds for you to grow your own marijuana at home. Now more than ever, it seems consumers are on the hunt for all-natural remedies, no matter their medical background. It seems we’re getting tired of all the fake chemicals and undisclosed ingredients in the over-the-counter pills and prescriptions we pick up as a society.

Cannabis plants are the way to change that. With our high-quality seeds, you can grow your very own cannabis at home for as little as $50. Our seeds thrive in thousands of environments so there’s no need to break the bank on a lavish grow room. High CBD cannabis seeds from Growers Choice can help take the edge off, both mentally and physically. These strains are known for their relaxing effects on both the body and the brain. A few inhales of a medical strain can leave you calm, peaceful, and serene. Keep in mind that the medicinal benefits of cannabis are purely anecdotal, as further research is needed to confirm marijuana’s efficacy to ease medical symptoms.

These are our favorite CBD cannabis seeds…

CBD Critical Mango

Featuring the indica ease of two popular, high-CBD strains – Critical Mass and Mango – our Critical Mango CBD cannabis seeds offer full-body, ultra-deep relaxation. At 70% indica concentration, Critical Mango CBD cannabis seeds won’t knock you out completely, but they will give your body all the encouragement it needs to just ebb and flow in the curves of the couch. You’ll feel happy and uplifted, your mind just focused enough to concentrate on the conversation or your light (seated) workload, while the rest of you simply bobs along in bliss. An excellent late-afternoon or evening strain, Critical Mango CBD will improve your mood and your physical presence.

With an impressive 6% CBD and equal amounts of THC, most patients aren’t turning to Critical Mango CBD cannabis seeds for recreational use. Don’t expect much or any euphoric from this strain: not only is 6% THC extremely low, but the balance of CBD will also counteract any psychoactivity that might have prevailed. Instead, choose Critical Mango CBD when you’re looking for physical and mental relaxation that doesn’t fog your brain or leave you dizzy and anxious. It’s highly unlikely this strain will render you paranoid, either.

CBD Shark

An indica-dominant strain with a high percentage of non-psychoactive CBD, our Shark CBD cannabis seeds are your ideal evening or nighttime strain for rendering you remarkably relaxed and happy as you head off to sleep. You might have heard in researching cannabis that one of the reasons this amazing plant is preferable to prescription painkillers is its potential to ease both nociceptive and neuropathic pain; pharmaceuticals, on the other hand, tend to fall short in addressing the latter.

This is why so many desperate patients are turning away from the more traditional option. If you’ve made up your mind to grow your own cannabis in your backyard or grow room, Shark CBD cannabis seeds are an excellent selection. Shark CBD has been known to kick stress to the curb.

CBD Blueberry

Widely recognized for its potential therapeutic benefits, Blueberry is a favorite in the medical marijuana world. CBD Blueberry feminized cannabis seeds pair the traditional indica with a CBD–rich strain. Unlike traditional Blueberry (get our autoflowering version here), which has a moderate level of THC at 16%, CBD Blueberry brings this THC down to 7% and matches it with 7% CBD. While this percentage is low for THC, when it comes to CBD 7% is a powerful dose, making CBD Blueberry relatively free of psychoactive effects.

The cheerful calmness that sets in shortly after consuming CBD Blueberry fades gently into sedation, which can encourage total relaxation. This medium-height plant is ideal for growing indoors and can yield an impressive crop of up to 500g of flower per square meter. The buds will be ready for harvest in eight to nine weeks.

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