Is cannabis safe for older people?

For hundreds of years cannabis has been prescribed to patients across the world to treat a wide variety of symptoms and conditions, and with more and more research being into the efficacy of this plant, the medical community at large is beginning to view cannabis in a more positive light.

That said, it’s understandable that some folks may remain on the fence about whether cannabis is a safe option. We’re here to reassure you that yes, it’s totally safe, all natural, and effective. Though it can make a movie that much funnier, cannabis is a potent medicine, capable of alleviating chronic pain, joint and muscle aches, and relieving insomnia.

Why should I cultivate my own cannabis?

Aside from having potent medicine on hand whenever you need it, growing your own cannabis at home is financially efficient, not to mention you’ll always be able to trust the source, particularly when you purchase your cannabis seeds from a reputable shop like Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds. Visit our online store and peruse our selection of world-class indica and sativa cannabis seeds like Northern Lights and OG Kush. Our experienced gardeners hand-pick and select all of our seeds, to ensure that our customers get nothing but the best with every purchase.

How easy is it to grow cannabis in an apartment?

There are many ways to grow cannabis indoors, and several of those are ideal for small spaces. This article goes in-depth into two of the more popular methods. You should bare in mind, however, these plants can have a strong smell and you’ll want to invest in a decent air purifier to keep the tell-tale cannabis aroma at bay.

Medical cannabis use and cultivation is legal in Auburn, and you’re allowed to grow up to six mature and 12 immature plants for personal medical use. Every order from Growers Choice comes backed by our limited 90% germination guarantee.

Historical spots to stop at Auburn, Maine

In the idyllic city of Auburn, Maine, there are a few points of interest that may catch your fancy. The Androscoggin Historical Society & Museum features Civil War memorabilia, or Hamster point, a majestic riverside garden. Two public water sculptures, the Falls Fountain and the Shoe Fountain, designed by Ross Miller can be visited seasonally, and the Knight House Museum, the oldest frame house in Auburn downtown and a pre-1835 handwork shoe shop.

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What does Louis F. of Auburn think of his Growers Choice cannabis seeds?

The only complaint I have about Growers Choice is that there was even more selection but otherwise, Growers Choice have some of the best seeds I’ve tried and I’ve been growing my own cannabis for 15 years.

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