As a result of global warming, humankind may be in for some tough times ahead. No more polar bears. No more koalas. No more cannabis. It’s a scary thought that we could eventually run out of resources that keep us alive, everything from clean water to oxygen produced by plant life. In theory, this shortage would also affect cannabis plants. But let’s face it, in a zombie apocalypse, cannabis falls pretty short on the necessity list. Personally, I’d gather food, water, and shelter first. In any case, it’s a very real scenario that this planet could run out of cannabis in the decades to come. We’re already seeing signs of it on a smaller scale.

Cannabis Shortage In Illinois

Firstly, there’s Chicago. The state of Illinois recently legalized recreational cannabis, which unsurprisingly led to massive lines out the doors of dispensaries. As of early January 2020, business owners say they’ve already run out only SIX days after official legalization. How long will this shortage last? Experts say it could be up to a year. “Hopefully, within six months or a year or two, the supply gets ramped up so you’re not having the same challenges,” Sen. Heather Steans told the Chicago Tribune. “There’s an initial burst of excitement from the public, so some of it is the nature of the beast.” Yeah, you can say that again.

A Cannabis Crisis In Canada

Also in recent years, Canada legalized recreational cannabis for persons 21 and older. It only took a month or so for dispensaries to run low on stock. “While there was product to order we were very comfortably getting a large amount of it,” says James Burns, the CEO of a company that owns multiple cannabis stores in the province of Alberta. “But obviously, when there’s literally none there, it doesn’t matter how big you are, there’s just none there. If the government warehouse is empty, it’s empty. There’s nothing you can do.” Ever since the stroke of midnight on October 17, 2018, dispensaries in various provinces have been completely sold out of stock. That counts for Newfoundland, Quebec, Ontario, and New Brunswick.

A State Of Emergency In Nevada

Now, in my humble opinion, this next one is pretty overdramatic. The state of Nevada issued a “state of emergency” to bring in more cannabis. Only two weeks have cannabis legalization 47 local dispensaries noted extreme shortages. Mind you, a “state of emergency” typically only applies to natural disasters—earthquakes, hurricanes, floods—but now cannabis shortages, too? Everybody just calm down. Do not panic. Governor Brian Sandoval issued this “emergency” as a way to ask state agencies to send Nevada more cannabis.

We see a pattern forming here. States and countries that are new to cannabis legalization seem to be the only ones experiencing shortages. Meanwhile, states like Washington, Oregon, and Colorado (where cannabis has been legal for years) don’t seem to have a problem. It’s also worth noting that cannabis is generally cheaper in these states compared to Canada and California. 

So, what are we as cannabis consumers meant to do about shortages? How can we help?

How Can We Help?

Interestingly enough, Oregon just passed a law “that would allow the overstocked marijuana system there to be sold and exported to other states where marijuana is legal,” according to the Metro Times. This could help the “cannabis crisis” (slight sarcasm) that is currently affecting Michigan as well. Sadly, this law could take years to go into effect. Oregon’s law also “requires that shipments only go to states that have passed a similar law allowing the import of marijuana.” Sounds like lawmakers have a few kinks to work out beforehand.

To the states in a “cannabis crisis,” cross-state sales and shipments could eventually take place. Look at the West Coast, for example. Now that recreational cannabis is legal in Washington, Oregon, California, and Nevada, these states could hypothetically help each other out with cannabis stock. It would be pretty easy to transport cannabis along the Pacific Coast Highway. Additionally, when it comes to cannabis supply, Oregon seems to have the most of it. The Metro Times notes that Oregon has “an estimated 1.3 million pounds of unsold supply.” Like you, I’m currently packing my bags to move to Portland ASAP.

Grow Your Own Cannabis

No surprise here, but another solution would be to increase cannabis growth. That’s where you come in. You’ve come to Growers Choice Seeds for a reason—to buy seeds. If you grew your own medicine at home, there would be no need for you to purchase flower from a dispensary. Ergo, you’d be doing cannabis sales a big favor. Of course, there are other benefits to growing your own plants.

  1. It’s a reason to stay active/go outside
  2. It can be therapeutic, similar to gardening
  3. It can save you a lot of money in the future
  4. It can help minimize the effects of global warming

So, what do you say? Are you ready to give our seeds a shot? Do it for nature. Do it for Mother Earth. Do it to save humankind from the dreaded “cannabis crisis.” Do it so we never run out of cannabis. We make it incredibly easy for you, too! We ship high-quality cannabis seeds both nationally and internationally!