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The Hardest Weed Strains to Grow

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When we set our sights on growing our own cannabis, we usually focus on a few key factors to help us choose the best strains. We might consider our climate if we’re planning to grow outdoors. We’ll probably think about how big the plants will get, since whether you’re growing in a garden or inside, there’s a limit to how much your space can handle. And most people will ponder the effects they would like to get from the strain they cultivate.

Certainly, how difficult a strain is to grow is another of these factors. Newbies probably aren’t going to set out to dominate the trickiest varietals, but we’d venture a guess that even advanced gardeners won’t want to spend every waking hour worrying about or tending to their plants. And yet, lists that tout the hardest cannabis strains to grow are ever-popular — bragging rights, maybe?

So, what are the hardest marijuana strains to grow? Let’s roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty with these divas of the dope world.

Jack Herer

Though we didn’t know Jack Herer personally, we have to imagine he was probably kind of a difficult person — most folks who set out to enact huge social change are! They’re set in their ways, always willing to throw down and debate, and have a tendency to hassle authority. It just follows, then, that the strain named after this legendary weed activist is on the list of the most difficult cannabis strains to grow.

The trickiest aspect of Jack Herer marijuana is its tendency toward legginess. Growers report the sativa-dominant strain gets pretty tall, so it’s not suited to closet grow rooms and might not even be ideal for any indoor grow. The strain is also picky about light, and needs quite a lot of nutrient attention and extra TLC to ensure it doesn’t pout or get out of hand. Most people in the know would recommend you have a few grows under your belt before you tackle Jack Herer.

Maui Wowie

The Hawaiian people might have a reputation for being laid back and easy going, but that’s not the case for one of their namesake strains. Maui Wowie (rumored to have been developed on the Hawaiian island of Maui) is known for its happy-making qualities. It leaves folks feeling uplifted and energetic, and can give creativity a little boost when you’re feeling uninspired.

But that’s after the harvest. Before that, Maui Wowie can be a bit foul-tempered. The main reason this sativa dominant has had many a good grower pulling at their hair is this: partway through the flowering phase, this stately beauty becomes highly susceptible to bud rot. This fungus is hard to catch, sometimes only making itself known once it has spread to — and subsequently destroyed — much of a crop. Be sure you know all the telltale signs of this pest and are ready to do some regular sleuthing before you give this one a go.


Wouldn’t it be unfortunate if this highly euphoric hybrid were to live up to its name while still in your garden? Though the sweet bud of this popular plant can leave you feeling happy, uplifted, and relaxed, you’ll be none of these things if you aren’t ready for a high-maintenance lady. 

Trainwreck marijuana can quickly get to be too much for a newbie grower. The canopy of this strain tends to grow quick and spread wide, and if you aren’t prepared to raise your lights or undertake a lot of trimming and tweaking, you might wind up with more to fret about than that age-old trolley dilemma. It’s not as simple as strapping down the upper branches, either. Many growers say the stems get so thick, low-stress training is out of the question. Give this one some thought before you plant it in your garden plot.

Ok, but what are the easiest marijuana strains to grow?

It’s all well and good to daydream about cultivating some sought-after strain that many before have failed to harvest to its full potential. Just imagine your name in lights when you successfully deliver your first round of delicious, therapeutic, utterly unprecidented bud — you’ll be famous.

But let’s get serious for a minute. Be it time, climate, space, or green thumbness, most of us aren’t going to manage the hardest-growing strains around, unfortunately. But don’t despair. Difficult doesn’t always mean better, right? Some seriously gifted marijuana strains are easy to grow; half the headache with all the benefits. 

Once you’ve gotten over the urge to push yourself to your max, why not pick up one of these easy-growing strains? At Growers Choice, we carry lots of options for beginner gardeners or those who just want to take advantage of a chill grow.

Marijuana Strains that are Easy to Grow

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