How to Buy Organic Cannabis Seeds Online

how to buy organic cannabis seeds online

Just as people choose to eat and live in a health-conscious manner and to care about the very fragile planet we inhabit, choosing to cultivate, smoke, vape, or consume organic cannabis seeds is about keeping both yourself and the earth in good health. Afterall, do you really want to be ingesting chemicals and toxins or filling the soil, water, and air with such damaging pollutants?

Why Buy and Cultivate Organic Cannabis Seeds?

When you take cannabis into your body, if it is not organic, you are also absorbing disease-causing chemicals, fertilizers, and pesticides used in cultivating your buds. In fact, the reality is that because the majority of recreational and medical cannabis users smoke unfiltered marijuana a much higher percentage of these toxins enter the body than from eating non-organic vegetables. It is a known science-based fact that things like chemicals and pesticides kill native vegetation, poison surrounding wildlife and severely damage water and soil. So, by growing and consuming organic cannabis, you are contributing to the preservation of the environment by reducing the number of unhealthy pollutants that wreak havoc on the world’s ecosystems.

One other advantage to growing cannabis 100% organically from seed to harvested bud is that your cannabis will taste better as it will be free of the harsh, acidic notes caused by the use of things like chemical fertilizers, etc. Just like vegetables, for cannabis to be truly organic and healthy, not only should the entire growing process be chemical- and pesticide-free, but the very seeds themselves need to be completely natural and organic. Contrary to those who are generally prone to denying science-based facts, eating organic is not about economic or social class or riding the coattails of the latest diet trends. Eating as naturally and organically as possible is apolitical, as it is solely about choosing to care for both the health of your body and the health of the planet.

What Makes a Cannabis Seed Organic?

For a cannabis seed to be considered truly organic it must come from two parent strains that were cultivated 100% organically and not be preserved or treated with any types of chemicals afterward. In addition, since using chemical fertilizers and pesticides are out of the question when growing cannabis organically from seed to harvest, expert cultivators have to be especially intentional and take into account a parent strain’s natural resistance to issues like diseases, pests, molds, and mildew. As such, the genetic composition of organic cannabis seeds is often a cut above non-organic cannabis seeds.

How to Naturally Cultivate Organic Cannabis Seeds

Basically, the biggest determining factor for cultivating quality organic cannabis plants from seed is soil. Using rich healthy living soil that is full of micronutrients, biologically active, and well-balanced in terms of water retention and drainage will help you naturally avoid issues like nutritional deficiencies, pests, and harmful bacteria. While using things like pesticides and chemicals can help with all of these issues, they also bring with them the nasty side effects of killing or harming beneficial lifeforms, like worms, that exist in the soil. In regards to the nutrients that cannabis cultivation requires, please refer to our blog on the best nutrients for cannabis cultivation here – where we cover both chemical and organic options.

Is Growing Organic Cannabis Seeds Chemical-Free Easier/Better?

To be honest, just like organic farming methods for vegetables and produce, growing organic cannabis seeds in a 100% natural manner does require more vigilance as you aren’t relying on chemicals and pesticides to kill pests or feed your plants. And, if you’re concerned about pests, there are plenty of ways to organically deal with them. However, while growing cannabis organically can require more work, there are many who say that while this is true, doing so is also simpler as all that is basically required are soil, light, water, and time. Furthermore, organic cultivators point to pure landrace strains and say that growing chemical-free cannabis is doing so in the way that it was intended to be. They say that the lack of outside human interference results in higher-quality cannabis with better THC, terpenes, cannabinoids, etc. as they have been able to naturally develop at their own pace.


At the end of the day, it is entirely up to you if you want to use or not use chemicals and pesticides in your cultivation practice, and whether or not you wish to use chemical-free cannabis seeds, just as it is entirely up to you if you want to eat food that contains herbicides, etc. The benefits of investing the extra time and money by choosing organic cannabis seeds and following organic farming practices definitely speak for themselves, and what you choose to do with that information is entirely up to you. I only hope that this blog has at least shed some light on why many believe that doing so is worthwhile, and at the very least erases any cynicism that choosing organic seeds and cultivation has something to do with political beliefs or trying to keep up with the latest social trends.

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