How to Be a Lazy (and Successful) Cannabis Gardener

Guest post by Kathrin Garner

With the softening of several governments’ stances around the growth of cannabis for both personal and medical use, a new business has emerged for those who could profit in this highly lucrative emerging market. The smart guys in the government that brought up legislation for the regulation of cannabis realized that more money is to be made from the taxes raised from the cultivation and the growth of the plant than the monies used for incarcerating those who pose no threat (especially when their only charge is possession for personal use).

The best kind of farmers in the business are the laid-back type who understand that the cultivation of the plant is not tied to some strict set of rules (which everyone thinks must be followed; rather it is tied to passion for the business and practice of growing plants.

And before you ask, master growers can earn up to a $100,000 per year just growing weed easily, but as experts!

(By the way: you must realize that for you to succeed in real life cannabis growing (not like the guys who do it outside the law), you have to work within the framework of the government’s rules and regulations concerning cannabis cultivation.)

First, learn how to take care of plants

Yes, this may sound corny and cliché, not to mention obvious, but to be a fruitful cannabis grower you must know how to grow plants first! Its not like you just pot a fern and take off for weeks, hoping it grows. Really getting the most out of growing plants requires spending time in nurseries or greenhouses or even working there to gain some horticultural experience. You also need to read a lot about your chosen plant.

What about the “lazy” part?

To do anything or go anywhere you have to get your foot in the door, right? So, become green-fingered first! To enjoy the laid-back life of a great master grower, you must pay the price of knowing everything about the business. It’s easy to become highly successful in the growth and cultivation of cannabis; provided that a few simple rules are followed. 

Know your product

Many people don’t even understand how cannabis grows in the first place. Before legalization, so many methods were invented for different strains. Once you’re as green-fingered as can be, you’ll understand the different issues around marijuana cultivation.

Know your market

This, of course, is the first rule for any business owner who wishes to succeed. The good thing is that once customers recognize the quality of the breeder or grower they buy from they will keep coming back for more! To improve in this sphere, consider branching out to do more than just sell bud. Bring in other breeds of customers by offering handmade marijuana tinctures, tea, brownies, or cupcakes. There’s no end to the possibilities!

NOTE: Marijuana consumption is not — and should not be — a free-for-all. There are rules and laws in place for a reason — always remain on the right side of the law!

Characteristics of a successful master grower

Just like in any other job, passion, or business, a master grower must remain effective in the industry.

Love the plant

Growing cannabis requires a certain tenderness for the plants themselves, especially if you’re going to be great at it! The care and tending to the plant, the eagle eye for mold, insects, mildew, and pH levels are all vital aspects. If you’re going to excel in this business, you must have that quiet drive and passion to care enough to see them grow!

Learn to take risks

As in all businesses, understanding how to take risks but not gambles (which are best left for when you want to have a good time in casinos) is vital. If you use a specific cultivation system, stick with it and try alterations on just a few plantsIf they pan out, then scale it up!

Focus! Focus! Focus!

Simply because you’re laid back or lazy doesn’t mean that you can’t keep your focus. Most people associate focus with hard work rather than with the right kind of regular-effort work, but that’s not always true. Check your soils, gather more information, attend trade shows, and more importantly, have fun!

In order to get the best strains to grow as a beginner, you must consider strains that need less hyper-focused attention, such as those that require less water or that can grow in unfavorable weather conditions; you might choose mold-resistant varieties and those that tend to survive insect infestations.

The following are some great beginner strains!

Blue Dream 

The California Blue Dream strain is very popular and is excellent for starter growers. It is also resistant to powdery mildew and root rot, which are common infections.


The GG4 Strain is great to grow in enclosed spaces if you’re just starting out. The only issue might arise when trying to trim the bushy stems and leaves. But more importantly, you’ll have fun growing this strain!

Dutch Treat

Dutch Treat is one of the global strains thousands of people seek out, and it’s one of the easiest-to-grow strains in the world! Dutch Treat grows great both indoors and in greenhouses!

The best way to get to the top is by learning from those who are already there.

Anthony Franciosi: Head Grower, Honest Marijuana Company, Colorado

Starting out in 2008, Anthony got his medical card and started working on systems to ensure he grew the plant organically. From then on, he just adapted to the craft, relying on his prior experience with irrigation systems. Today, Honest Marijuana Company Colorado still maintains a profit using unique systems of growing marijuana for adult recreational and medical use. His story is one of a natural gift for the profession.

Ryan Douglas: Master Grower and President, Ryan Douglas Cultivation LLC

Ryan Douglas is one of the greatest global marijuana industry pioneers of all time. Starting out with a passion for horticulture and learning to develop skills growing plants within a controlled environment, Ryan’s skills morphed when legalization began in earnest and he landed a job as a master grower with Tweed Inc. in Ontario, Canada. Tweed later became the subsidiary of Canopy Growth Corporation, which is one of the largest medical marijuana producers in the world. Today, Ryan is the president of Ryan Douglas Cultivation LLC, a global powerhouse in the marijuana industry. He is an industry legend.

Cassandra Mafey: Master Grower, Verde Natural Cultivation Center, Colorado

Starting out when she was just 18, Cassandra is one of the industry’s most skilled when it comes to growth and cultivation of marijuana. Cassandra is also one of the female superstars who have contributed to make the industry what it is today. 

Her passion for growing cannabis started in Humboldt County, California; she was just naturally inclined towards the industry. In a field dominated by men, Cassandra has shown that excellence as a master grower isn’t defined by gender. Today, her expertise is almost second to none. Her story is an inspiring one!

It is possible for anyone to become a master grower of cannabis; even a lazy, laid back someone. Just remember, you have to put in a bit of work first, and it’s all about the experience! Do you have what it takes to become a master grower? Or do you know any qualities of master growers? Let us know your thoughts!

We couldn’t be happier to welcome back Kathrin Garner. She is an enthusiastic journalist and writes article on social issues. As an activist, she takes part in NCSM program, which is a discussion platform on relevant cannabis topics, such as “The Best Way to get Weed out of your System.” She searches for and writes about current issues for a wide range of readers.

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