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Everything You Need to Know When You Buy Weed Seeds


If you are reading this, you presumably have some degree of interest in marijuana, and likely some experience with it as well. You’ve probably partaken in marijuana use, or are considering it. There is another step you can take in the world of cannabis, though. More and more people are buying cannabis seeds. Why? Not for their smoothies! No, they are growing their own marijuana plants for their personal use. They get both the benefits of cannabis and of growing their plants themselves. What’s the value of growing your own plants? Why should you buy weed seeds? Also, why should you buy weed seeds from us here at Growers Choice Seeds? A lot is going on in the world of cannabis seeds, so let us be your guide.

What benefits of marijuana can I get when I buy weed seeds?

Now, you’ve likely used marijuana, but let’s discuss the perks of cannabis use anyway. You can get a variety of positive experiences from using marijuana. There are different types of marijuana plants, from sativas to indicas to hybrids. With sativas, you can expect a heady and energizing high. These strains are good for remaining productive but also boosting your mood. Indicas help you relax and chill out. They are good for calming yourself and decompressing.

Can I buy weed seeds for an assortment of cannabis strains?

Absolutely! We have hundreds of strains available for you. That includes hybrids, sativas, and indicas. We have fruity strains, skunky strains, herbal strains, you name it. Our weed seeds run the gamut. There are Cannabis Cup winners in the mix. Also, we have some high-CBD strains. Some of the best, most popular strains are in our store. We’re talking classics like Northern Lights and Purple Haze to other big strains like Bruce Banner, Sour Diesel, and Critical Purple. Whatever you are looking for from marijuana, we can probably provide it.

What are the benefits if I buy weed seeds?

You know what cannabis can do for you, but why handle the process yourself? You can go out and hit up a dispensary and just buy some buds or flowers. Heck, a lot of dispensaries will sell you pre-rolled joints. Why grow your own cannabis? Why buy weed seeds? Hey, if you like the limited effort needed to head down to a dispensary and buy some prepackaged weed, that’s your business. We’re here for everybody else. The kind of people who get why folks grow their own vegetables and herbs at home. When you buy weed seeds and grow your own plants, the entire process is yours. It’s not merely nice and rewarding to manage and maintain your plants. This is not merely about the hobby of it. When it’s your plant, you get all of it, but you also control all of it. You know your plant intimately. These aren’t just some buds from some plant you’ve never seen, that you had no say in growing. You are the source of your own marijuana. Then, there’s the money. If you’ve bought weed at a dispensary, you know what you paid for that amount of marijuana. You can also see the price you pay to buy weed seeds. Obviously, the seeds are cheaper. Of course, they are! They are merely seeds. With the marijuana you buy from a dispensary, you are paying for their profit margin, but also for their labor. People put in work on that weed, and they need to be compensated. When you are the grower, and nobody is the seller, you only pay for the seeds, and also for our profit margin when it comes to cultivating and selling seeds. Hey, this is a business, but seeds are cheaper than plants. You will save money in the long run if you buy weed seeds and grow your own plants.

Is it legal for me to buy weed seeds?

To answer that specific question, buying weed seeds won’t be an issue. The concern is whether it’s legal for you to grow marijuana, even for personal, at-home use. In some states, the answer is absolute. However, there is likely a limit on the number of plants you can grow at once. Now, for somebody truly using these plants for personal use, the number is typically plenty high. Six to twelve is a number we see in several states. Do you need more than this many plants growing at once if you are the only one partaking? We’d say no. That being said, it’s not legal to grow marijuana at home in every state, even in some states where you can legally use marijuana. We are speaking in a vacuum at the moment, so we can’t directly tell you whether it’s legal to grow marijuana in your home state. Definitely look up the legality before you buy weed seeds. We wouldn’t want you accidentally doing something illegal.

Why should I buy weed seeds from Growers Choice Seeds?

We mentioned our catalog of assorted strains, which is a great place to start. However, it goes beyond that. When you buy weed seeds from us at Growers Choice, you get the benefits of our customer service and commitment to quality. All of our seeds are fully feminized, which means they will grow female plants, which means they will produce THC. Our weed seeds are all lab-tested for quality, and then hand-selected for each other. Not only that, but we provide a germination guarantee on all our seeds. That should give you more peace of mind. We have many strains that are great for beginners. That includes auto-flowering weeds, which are crossbred with ruderalis, a robust strain that flowers based on age, not on light exposure. There are a lot of benefits to using marijuana, but when you buy weed seeds there are even more benefits clearly.

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