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Everything You Need to Know About When to Harvest Marijuana


It starts with a seed. When you grow marijuana at home for your personal use, you start with seeds. Hopefully, the seeds you bought from Growers Choice Seeds. You found the seeds for the strains you like, and you bought them. Growers Choice delivered those seeds to you. You planted your seeds, you took care of them, and they germinated and grew. Since Growers Choice only sells fully-feminized seeds, we know those plants that grew are female, which means they have THC-rich buds. THC is the psychoactive element of marijuana, so that’s what you want. To enjoy that THC, though, it’s time to harvest your marijuana. Ah, but when to harvest marijuana? That is the question! Don’t worry, there are things to look for. You can look for some signs as to when to harvest marijuana, and we can help point you in the right direction. That way, you can enjoy the fruits of your labor. Gardening can be fun, but smoking high-quality marijuana is probably a bit more fun, right? Here’s what to know so you know when to harvest marijuana.

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When to harvest marijuana, from a time perspective?

You’ve planted your seed. What next? Well, first your seed needs to germinate. That means it will have sprouted. You will see your taproot, which will become your marijuana plant in time. This seedling is the first significant step in the process. Now you just keep an eye on the calendar, right? Alas, it isn’t quite that simple. One of the great things about marijuana is that there are so many strains. You can smoke an uplifting sativa, a relaxing indica, or a hybrid. There are sweet strains, peppery strains, and skunky strains. The tricky thing about all these strains, though, is that they don’t all grow the same way. Different strains grow at different rates. Your growing medium also matters, as does your desired yield. Generally speaking, from the time you plant your seed until you arrive at the time of when to harvest marijuana, you can expect to wait nine to 12 weeks. Hey, patience pays off. Now, let’s say you want to push the tempo a bit. Fair enough! Fortunately, some strains are known for growing faster than average. It doesn’t make them better strains, but if speed is what matters and you want to get to when to harvest marijuana quickly, here are a few strains you might want to go with:

  • Critical Kush
  • Early Girl
  • Purple Cheese
  • Superglue
  • OG Kush

What is the best physical sign of when to harvest marijuana?

Alright, you know you are going to have to wait a handful of weeks from planting until it is the time when to harvest marijuana. As time rolls on, what should you start looking for? You don’t have to wait nine or 10 weeks and then hope for the best. There are physical signs of when to harvest marijuana. In fact, you can visually inspect your plant to find the signs of marijuana that is ready to be harvested. Don’t worry, it can be pretty easy to identify when to harvest marijuana. Trichome color is a great way to identify a plant ready to harvest. If you don’t know, trichomes are the resinous glands on a marijuana plant’s flowers. When a plant is ready to harvest, the trichomes will be roughly half a milky white color, and half an amber color. Now, if your trichomes are clear, your plants are not quite ready to harvest. Clear trichomes mean it is not when to harvest marijuana just yet. We recommend using a magnifying glass for this. Color-coding trichomes may not be easy to do with the naked eye.

What are some other signs of when to harvest marijuana?

Trichome color is perhaps the most reliable sign of when to harvest marijuana, but there are more. Leaf color is also a good sign. When your plant is flowering, nitrogen gives the leaves of your marijuana a green color. Then, the flowering stage passes and it becomes time to harvest. At this point, the leaves aren’t getting as much nitrogen, and they start to turn yellow. When your leaves are yellowing, it’s a sign of when to harvest marijuana. There is another thing to look for in your leaves as well. As harvest time approaches, the leaves start to lose moisture. Thus, they begin to dry out and curl. Got curling leaves? That is an indicator of when to harvest marijuana. If you have a photoperiod marijuana plant – as opposed to an auto-flowering strain, browning pistils are a sign as well. Once about half your plant’s pistils are brown, it’s time to harvest your pot plants. This, like trichome color, may require a magnifying glass, though.

Can I miss the timeframe for when to harvest marijuana?

Harvesting your plants early is not good, but you can be on the opposite end of things as well. It is possible for your cannabis plants to be overripe as well. If you have missed the window for when to harvest marijuana, it can cause problems as well, at least in terms of quality. Overripe marijuana buds don’t taste very good when smoked. It makes for an unpleasant experience. Plus, as a plant gets further from the harvest window the THC content starts to drop. So basically if you harvest your marijuana too late, you are going to get less high and your marijuana is going to taste bad. Yeah, that doesn’t sound good to us either. Also, there is no way to fix this. If it is not yet when to harvest marijuana, you can just keep the buds on the plant. If your plants are overripe, though, you can’t, you know, turn back time. To see if your plant is overripe, check the trichomes. If most of your trichomes are amber, as opposed to milky white, you’ve waited too long. Some amber trichomes are good. Too many are a problem. Additionally, overripe trichomes are often brittle. Hey, don’t sweat it. If you are paying close attention, you will know when to harvest marijuana. Stay on top of things and you will never see an abundance of brown, brittle trichomes.

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