Everything You Need to Know About When is Weed Ready to Harvest


There are a lot of questions you might ask yourself, or others if you are being less existential and rhetorical when you are growing your own marijuana. What strains should I get seeds for? Should I grow marijuana indoors or outdoors? How do I germinate my seeds? How can I tell if my marijuana plant is healthy? These are valuable questions to consider. Maybe you want a sativa strain for a heady, uplifting high. Perhaps you want a relaxing indica to chill out with. You figure out the cannabis strains you want seeds for. You plant them. Due to your knowledge and research, you successfully germinate your seeds. Growers Choice Seeds offers a germination guarantee on every order, so as long as you handle your seeds properly they will almost definitely germinate! You’ve handled everything properly. You’ve indulged your green thumb. Of course, there is an end game with growing marijuana at home. You want marijuana buds! You want to smoke your favorite marijuana strains after you grow your plants! Before you can do that, though, there is a task at hand, and that task prompts this question: When is weed ready to harvest? Harvesting is a key part of the process of growing weed for personal use. Knowing when to harvest your marijuana plant, though, is important. So when is weed ready to harvest? Fortunately, there are some things you can look for!

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When is weed ready to harvest after you’ve planted it?

So how long do you need to wait from planting your seed to harvesting your marijuana? Well, we can’t give you an extra day. The thing is, different marijuana strains have different growth cycles. Yes, there are more differences in the world of weed than flavor, aroma, and the indica versus sativa dynamic. Different strains grow at different rates. Using different growing mediums can impact the growth cycle as well. Plus, the yield you are going for matters as well. Want to try and push things a bit to try and get a bigger yield? You can try, though be careful! We will get into why you may not want to push it. When is weed ready to harvest by and large, though? The average growing period for a plant once you have placed your seed into the ground is nine to 12 weeks. That means you don’t have to be eyeing your plant every day from the time you plant it, worrying that you might miss your window. It’s going to be a couple of months, more often than that. However, there are strains that are known to grow faster. When is weed ready to harvest with these strains? As soon as seven weeks! These are a few cannabis strains known to grow quickly:

  • OG Kush
  • Critical Kush
  • Purple Cheese
  • Hobbit
  • Jamaican Dream

When is weed ready to harvest, and why is it important to know that?

You want to know when weed is ready to harvest because otherwise, you will not be getting the best product possible. Hey, you put all that effort into growing your own marijuana at home. You want the fruits of your labor, right? However, if you harvest your marijuana before your plant is ready, your weed is going to have less flavor and aroma, and be less potent as well. Think of it like when you eat that green banana because you aren’t patient enough to wait. You don’t want that for your weed! On the other hand, overripe marijuana is a problem as well. If you wait too long after your plant is ready to harvest, your weed is going to likely taste bad, and it will also lose potency. It’s the classic Goldilocks scenario. You want your marijuana to be just right. That’s why it’s important to ask, “When is weed ready to harvest?” It’s the best way to ensure you have a quality marijuana experience.

When is weed ready to harvest, and what is the best thing to look for?

Fortunately, marijuana plants give you visual clues of whether or not they are ready to be harvested. The number-one thing to pay attention to is the trichomes. This is the most reliable way to identify when weed is ready to harvest. Trichomes are the resin glands that appear on the flowers of female marijuana plants. What you need to look for is coloring. When is weed ready to harvest? When half your plant’s trichomes are milky white, and the other half are amber in color. It doesn’t have to be exact, but the closer you can get to half white, half amber the better. Trichomes start off clear. If your trichomes are still mostly clear, then your plant is not yet ready to harvest. You will want to wait before you harvest. On the other hand, if the majority of your trichomes are amber, then your window has passed. Your plant is overripe. Now, at that point, you will still want to harvest your weed as soon as possible. The longer the buds are on your plant, the more overripe they will get. Maybe your weed has gotten too ripe and won’t be as good, but the longer the buds are on the plant at this point, the worse they will get.

What are some other clues to answer when is weed ready to harvest?

You can look at trichomes for their coloring – and you will want a magnifying glass to do that – but there are other clues you can look to for indication. When is weed ready to harvest? The leaves of your marijuana plant is the best place to look after the trichomes. The coloring can be a strong indicator. During the flowering process, nitrogen infusion turns the leaves green. Once the plant is ready to harvest, the nitrogen content drops. At this point, the leaves will start to yellow. Yellow leaves are a sign to help you figure out whether your weed is ready to harvest. Additionally, at this point, your plant will start to use moisture. That will make the leaves drier, and they will start to curl as well. Curled yellow leaves aren’t as good of a sign as trichome color, but if you want to know the answer to “When is weed ready to harvest?” this is also a thing you can look for.


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