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Everything You Need to Know About the Highest THC Percentage Flower


We’re here to talk about flower power. No, we aren’t referring to peace and love and barefoot hippies in the 1970s jamming out to Janis Joplin. Although, a lot of those folks probably were fans of marijuana in a time when it was more verboten. Also, the marijuana landscape was a lot different. People didn’t know what they know now about marijuana. These days, cannabis is a robust, scientific industry. Nobody was delving into the potency and the chemical makeup of marijuana like they are today. These days, we know how to measure the power of the flower. The cannabis flower, that is. What makes marijuana strong? It’s all about THC, which is the chemical compound in cannabis that is psychoactive. If you are interested in a strain’s potency, you are really considering its THC level. When companies like Growers Choice Seeds express the power of a strain, we express it in THC percentage. You may be looking for the highest THC percentage flower out there. Those strains may be right up your alley. Which strains are those? What types of marijuana have the highest THC percentage flower? Let’s get into the groove with the potent, powerful strains that we offer seeds for.

What are the different elements related to the highest THC percentage flower?

Cannabis contains many chemical compounds, known as cannabinoids, but here we will only be discussing THC and the highest THC percentage flower. These are the strains that appeal to marijuana users who primarily care about the potency of the strains they use. There are other things to consider for your strains. If you are growing your own marijuana, how easy a strain is to grow matters. There are also the elements of aroma and flavor. We’re talking strains that are fruity, sweet, earthy, peppery, skunky, reminiscent of gasoline, and so much more. Now, though, it’s all about the highest THC percentage flower. How that goes depends on the type of strain you are using though. Growers Choice offers seeds for indicas, sativas, and hybrids. When you use an indica, the THC will help provide you with a relaxing, chilled-out high. You will feel a body stone that can relax your muscles and help you sleep. Sativas are a heady high and definitely impact you more mentally. You can use sativas socially and maybe get some euphoric feelings. Hybrids are a mix of sativa and indica parentage. Some are indica or sativa dominant, while others are balanced hybrids. Whatever the strain type, the power is measured by the highest THC percentage flower.

What indica has the highest THC percentage flower?

If you are looking for an indica, you can get yourself pointed in the right direction by considering strains with words like “Kush” or “Purple” in the name. In terms of the highest THC percentage flower, we’re looking at Critical Purple. This is a strain that comes in at 27% THC. That’s potent! By the way, at this point, we should note that you should be careful with the strongest strains when you partake in the highest THC percentage flowers. A little can go a long way, even for an experienced smoker! You could get overwhelmed, and that’s not fun for anybody. Back to Critical Purple, one of the strongest strains we at Growers Choice sell seeds for. Using Critical Purple is deeply relaxing. It’s heavy-duty and can give you an extremely relaxing evening. Struggling to fall asleep? Critical Purple is a great choice there! This strain is sweet and fruity, and also easy to grow. In fact, we offer autoflowering seeds for Critical Purple. An autoflowering strain flowers based on age, not based on a light schedule. This way, you can get a strain that is both potent and still easy to grow.

What sativa has the highest THC percentage flower?

Prefer a pick-me-up and a boost of energy? Then sativas are the way to go! What sativa can provide the potency of the highest THC percentage flower? We’re looking at Durban Poison. The name may feel a little ominous, but don’t let that stand in the way. Among sativas, you will find one of the highest THC percentage flowers with Durban Poison. We also offer Durban Poison in autoflowering form, and that strain has 25% THC. That’s not quite as potent as Critical Purple, but anything over 20% is among one of the highest THC percentage flowers you are going to find. Durban Poison is known for its pine aroma and flavor which a lot of people really enjoy. It’s also excellent for boosting your energy and your mood. Skip the coffee in the morning and go with some Durban Poison instead. It can also help you focus. If you like to feel your marijuana mentally but not so much physically, Durban Poison is great for you.

What hybrid has the highest THC percentage flower?

These days, most strains you can find are hybrids. The sativa-dominant Lemon Haze comes in at 25% THC. If you like the scent of lemons and good energy that can fade into relaxation, this is a strong strain to consider. White Widow is a balanced hybrid that comes in at 26% THC. That puts White Widow in the running for the highest THC percentage flower. Gorilla Glue, one of our most popular strains, comes in at 28% THC. You can feel euphoric and relaxed with Gorilla Glue. There are plenty of other strains to consider when you want a potent, powerful marijuana strain. In fact, on the Growers Choice Seeds website, we have an entire section for high-THC strains. If you are looking for the highest THC percentage flower, this is a great place to start. Among the strains you will find in our high-THC archives are:

  • Candy Kush
  • Great White Shark
  • Power Plant
  • Super Silver Haze
  • Tangerine Dream

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