Everything About Male vs. Female Weed Plants

Everything You Need to Know About Male vs. Female Weed Plants

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Marijuana is a great way to alleviate stress. It can really help mellow you out, at least if you choose the right strain for that. Ah, but that’s where marijuana gets a little more complicated. It’s not merely about getting a plant and smoking it. Marijuana contains multitudes, and the further you delve in, the more you need to know. We will admit that there is more you need to consider when you are growing your own cannabis plants at home for personal use than just buying cannabis at a dispensary. In the long run, though, it will be worth it. Plus, growing marijuana and learning about marijuana does not need to be stressful. Hey, marijuana is supposed to eliminate your stress! It shouldn’t add to it. At Growers Choice Seeds, we want to make buying cannabis seeds devoid of stress if possible. Part of that is the purchasing experience, but part of that is imparting knowledge to you so that you can feel confident and informed. Part of that is discussing male vs. female weed plants. Yes, it’s another thing you need to know, and another thing you need to delineate. Fear not. When it comes to male vs. female weed plants, we can get you up to speed quickly.

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What are the physical differences in male vs. female weed plants?

Fortunately, identifying male vs. female weed plants is not difficult. In fact, if you know what to look for, we bet that 100 percent of the time you will be able to tell if you are looking at a marijuana plant or a female one. It’s really that simple. Of course, it helps to be able to see them side by side and compare them in order to tell the difference. In these instances, it is truly simple. Male weed plants are taller, thicker, and sturdier. The stalks grow higher and get more robust. They are sturdy beasts! Female weed plants, on the other hand, tend to be shorter and more slender. Now, maybe in your brain, you can conceptualize “sturdy” and “slender” without comparison points, but it is helpful to eyeball male vs. female weed plants. There are some other helpful hints of the visual variety, though. Female weed plants are abundant in terms of leaves. Male plants, on the other hand, have fewer leaves. Additionally, female weed plants have “hairs” on them that are translucent and tend to be white or orange. Male plants do not have these “hairs.” However, there is one more big difference between male vs. female weed plants, and it is the most important difference of the bunch.


What is the key difference between male vs. female weed plants?

Alright, this is where it all comes to a head vis-a-vis male vs. female weed plants. Male marijuana plants have pollen sacs. As soon as four weeks into a plant growing you tend to notice the beginnings of those pollen sacs. At that same point in the growth process though you might see stigmas that indicate a female plant. Those stigmas will become the buds of the female marijuana plant. Yes, those are the “buds” we associate with marijuana. Only female marijuana plants have buds. That is the huge difference between male vs. female weed plants. Those buds contain almost all the THC you will find in a marijuana plant. That THC is what makes you high. You can’t enjoy those psychotropic effects of marijuana without THC. Male weed plants basically have no THC content in them. Now, male marijuana plants have value, both to people and to plants. People use them for making hemp fiber, for example. In the world of weed, though, male marijuana plants are vital. Those pollen sacs are necessary for female plants to be pollinated, and for marijuana plants, and marijuana strains, to propagate.

Can Growers Choice Seeds remove the worry of male vs. female weed plants?

Marijuana breeders want some male plants so that they can keep on breeding their marijuana. At-home growers, though, aren’t looking to breed strains. You are only legally allowed to grow a handful of plants at a time, and your goal is to use them. You want to enjoy the marijuana experience, which means THC. To get that THC, you need female marijuana plants. A male marijuana plant is not going to help you with your marijuana goals. That’s why getting male vs. female weed plants is a concern. Well, it’s not a concern if you are a customer of Growers Choice Seeds. We feminize seeds so that we can ensure that every seed we sell is fully feminized. What does that mean? It means a female marijuana plant each and every time. Yes, we can remove the worry of a male marijuana plant from the occasion. You won’t have to be able to identify male vs. female weed plants. You will only be seeing slender stalks, a lot of leaves, and those resinous buds you want so badly!

What else can Growers Choice Seeds do for me beyond eliminating the concerns of male vs. female weed plants?

In addition to selling fully-feminized cannabis seeds so that the male vs. female weed plants dynamic goes out the window, Growers Choice does a whole lot more to make the marijuana growing experience as stress-free as possible. We lab test and hand-select every seed, and those seeds are delivered to you quickly and reliably. Every seed we sell isn’t just fully-feminized but comes with a germination guarantee as well. If at least 90 percent of the seeds in your order don’t germinate, we will replace them. Male vs. female weed plants are something to know about, but also something you no longer need to worry about. Guarantee yourself female plants for popular strains like these with your friends here at Growers Choice Seeds:

  • Critical Purple
  • Sour Diesel
  • Northern Lights
  • Tangerine Dream
  • White Widow

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