Everything You Need to Know About Male vs. Female Marijuana


Did you ever watch that one episode of Saved by the Bell where the school has a battle of the sexes for like some money left to Bayside and the boys compete against the girls in a series of competitions? The boys cheat to win and then the girls snub them romantically Lysistrata style until the boys relent. It’s pretty bad and it’s a Tori episode also Violet is there to be Screech’s girlfriend and that’s weird. Anyway, when we talk about male vs. female marijuana, this isn’t some silly battle of the sexes thing. For somebody who is growing marijuana at home for personal use, there are differences that are important to know about. In fact, there is one key difference in male vs. female marijuana that is absolutely vital for you to be aware of. It’s incredibly important, and that’s why we are here to tell you about male vs. female marijuana, and not so much Saved by the Bell episodes. Because if we were here to talk about that show, we’d of course talk about the episode where everybody sells Screech’s spaghetti sauce.

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What is the primary difference between male vs. female marijuana?

Let’s not bury the lede. We told you there is a major, significant difference, and that is the place we should start. Are you familiar with THC? It’s a chemical compound found in cannabis, and it is the one that is psychoactive. To use colloquial terms, THC is why marijuana makes you feel high. THC is prized by marijuana users, which is why THC content is one of the things that we at Growers Choice Seeds list on every page for every marijuana strain we sell seeds for. We know our customers care about THC. That’s why you need to care about male vs. female marijuana. Male marijuana plants have pollen sacs. For the proliferation of marijuana, those are vital. They pollinate the female marijuana plants. If you are a marijuana breeder, you need male marijuana plants. At-home growers aren’t breeders, though. They are growing a handful of marijuana plants for personal use. Well, here’s the thing about male vs. female marijuana. Male plants have pollen sacs, but female plants have buds. The buds of the marijuana plant are where almost all the THC in marijuana is found. You, simply put, cannot smoke or ingest male marijuana plants and get high. That right there is the big difference in male vs. female marijuana. Female plants have buds. Female plants have THC. Female plants get you high. As an at-home grower, you really only want female marijuana plants.


How can I tell the differences between male vs. female marijuana?

This is a good place to follow up after explaining the big difference between male vs. female marijuana. You don’t want to be growing male marijuana plants. All you want is female plants. Now, you can identify pollen sacs on a male plant and buds on a female plant, but we bet you want some other signs to look for. The sooner you can tell a male vs. female marijuana plant growing for you, the better. Here are a few other things you can look for in terms of male vs. female marijuana. Male plants tend to be taller and have thicker, sturdier stocks. If you see a plant starting to grow and it looks like it’s shooting up and widening out, you probably have a male plant on hand. Meanwhile, female plants have a lot more leaves. A leafy female plant is likely a female one, while a plant lacking in leaves is likely a male marijuana plant. With a female marijuana plant, you are also going to start to see translucent, white-ish fibers that have hairlike qualities begin to grow on them. You may want to invest in a magnifying glass to get a closer look. Only female marijuana plants develop these fibers, and you can often find them where the branches meet the stalk. Additionally, when buds are starting to form on a female marijuana plant, they tend to be tear-dropped. The developing pollen sacs on a male marijuana plant are not tear-shaped. This is a little more nuanced, but everything helps in terms of identifying male vs. female marijuana plants.

Is there any way I can avoid having to worry about identifying male vs. female marijuana plants?

We get it. You don’t want to sweat looking for translucent fibers or tear-shaped buds. How, exactly, do you know when to say a plant hasn’t grown too tall and thus is female? It makes growing marijuana at home seem a little stressful. What if you accidentally end up with a male plant? All that time spent watering and sprouting and caring only for a male plant to show up that you need to toss (it is advised that you remove a male plant from being around female plants when you are growing marijuana for use, not breeding)? Growers Choice Seeds understands, and that’s why we’re looking out for you. We can make it so you don’t need to worry about male vs. female marijuana plants. We don’t merely store seeds for dozens of beloved marijuana strains. We feminize all our marijuana seeds for our customers. With Growers Choice, all our at-home growing customers are buying fully-feminized marijuana seeds each and every time. What does it mean for a marijuana seed to be fully feminized? It means that your seed is going to grow into a female plant. We’ve eliminated the worry about male marijuana plants. With our seeds, you never have to sweat being able to tell the difference in male vs. female marijuana plants. Our fully-feminized seeds have eliminated that stress. This isn’t like when Screech was struck by lightning and could tell the future, but was then struck by lightning again and lost that power. Our seeds will always be fully feminized. It’s not about male vs. female marijuana seeds with us. It’s about getting fully-feminized seeds for popular marijuana strains such as:

  • Tangerine Dream
  • White Widow
  • Gorilla Glue
  • Sour Diesel
  • Critical Purple

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