Everything About Male vs. Female Cannabis Plants

Everything You Need to Know About Male vs. Female Cannabis


The Battle of the Sexes pops up in places like Family Feud or certain episodes of Saved by the Bell, and also that movie with Steve Carell and Emma Stone about tennis that nobody really saw. It’s not bad, but also not a must-watch by any means. When we are talking male vs. female cannabis, we aren’t setting out to pit two types of cannabis plants against one another. Yes, there are indeed male cannabis plants and female cannabis plants. Hey, in any walk of life that doesn’t involve asexual reproduction that’s true (shout out to the single-cell organisms replicating themselves out there!). We aren’t talking about male vs. female cannabis because we want to create some sort of brouhaha, or write the cannabis equivalent of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus. No, this is a pertinent discussion for everybody who grows marijuana, especially those who grow it in limited amounts at home for personal use. There are distinct differences between male cannabis plants and female cannabis plants, and comparing male vs. female cannabis is going to matter to you. We know that growing marijuana at home means considering more things than if you just go buy some marijuana at a dispensary. In the end, though, it’s worth the learning experience to be able to grow your own cannabis plants at home. When you do that, the whole plant is yours. You grew it, you had a say in every aspect of the grow from seed choice on, and you will save money (and maybe even time) in the long run. So soak up some knowledge, become an experienced, confident marijuana grower, and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Knowing a thing or two about male vs. female cannabis is definitely going to help you out, though. Trust us on that.

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What are some of the physical differences between male vs. female cannabis?

You can look at a cannabis plant and identify if it is male or female based on physical traits. And if you have one male plant and one female plant? Oh baby, you better believe you can tell the difference in male vs. female cannabis then! Marijuana does not try and make it difficult to delineate between the two, rest assured. As with humans, male plants tend to be taller than female plants. If you are looking at two fully-grown cannabis plants, the taller one is probably the male. Additionally, male marijuana plants are thicker in the stalks. Female marijuana plants tend to be slender. A robust plant with a sturdy stalk is going to be the male one. Furthermore, male plants have fewer leaves than their female counterparts in the world of cannabis. A cannabis plant rife with foliage is going to be a female more often than not. These are all easy ways to contrast male vs. female cannabis plants. That being said, all these physical traits aren’t getting to the heart of the matter. There is another way to differentiate male vs. female cannabis, and it’s the whole reason why we care in the first place.


What’s the biggest difference between male vs. female cannabis?

Even a few weeks into your cannabis plant growing you may notice some physical traits development. Your plant may have early signs of pollen sacs. Or, it may have stigmas beginning to emerge. Eventually, you will have a plant that is nearly full grown, and either it will have pollen sacs, or those stigmas will have grown into buds. At this point, the difference in male vs. female cannabis could not be clearer. Pollen sacs indicate a male plant, while the resinous buds are a sign of a female plant. Now, you may be thinking to yourself about that. What of the male plant’s buds? Well, it doesn’t have any. Yes, only female cannabis plants produce the buds we think of when we think of marijuana products. Those buds are what contain almost all of the THC in a marijuana plant. THC is the chemical compound that makes you feel high. A male cannabis plant is missing those buds and thus contains basically no THC. Male cannabis plants aren’t going to get you high, to put it simply. The marijuana business is built on the backs of female cannabis plants and their THC-rich buds. This is, far and away, the biggest thing to know about male vs. female cannabis plants, especially if you are growing marijuana at home for your personal use.

What can I do to ensure I have what I need in terms of male vs. female cannabis?

Male cannabis plants are vital. After all, those pollen sacs are what pollinate the female cannabis plants. Both are needed for the proliferation of the species. Cannabis can’t go on without male and female plants. Breeders of cannabis always need male plants. The distinction between male vs. female cannabis still matters, but less so, because both are integral to cannabis breeding. You, though, aren’t breeding cannabis strains as an at-home grower. You want marijuana to enjoy. You want buds. Only female plants are providing you with those buds. If you grew a cannabis plant and it turned out to be male, you’d basically be out of luck. It would be a bummer, to be sure. Growing male vs. female cannabis plants changes the entire landscape for you. And yet, you can’t look at a seed and know if what will emerge from it is a thick, tall plant with pollen sacs or a slender, leaf-laden plant with buds. Growers Choice Seeds can keep you from worrying. We provide fully-feminized seeds to every single one of our customers. A seed that is fully feminized is going to grow into a female plant. It’s that simple. The distinction between male vs. female cannabis won’t enter into the equation when you buy seeds from us. You place an order, and we deliver you fully-feminized cannabis seeds. You then grow female cannabis plants each and every time, giving you THC-rich buds you can enjoy. We know getting male vs. female cannabis plants matters for at-home growers. That’s why we work to remove the concerns from the equation. Buy fully-feminized seeds today and grow female plants for strains like:

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  • Hindu Kush
  • Northern Lights
  • Maui Wowie

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