Everything About Growing Marijuana Outside

Everything You Need to Know About Growing Marijuana Outside


Ah, the great outdoors. There’s so much you can do outside. What activities do you enjoy outside? Are you a hiker? Maybe you and your friends from the Navy play charged beach volleyball games. Also, don’t forget about gardening. Gardening is great for many people. You hone your green thumb. Growing plants can be rewarding, relaxing, and practically therapeutic. Sometimes you just enjoy growing flowers, but some people grow vegetables and herbs they use. Are you a marijuana user? Do you enjoy the physical and mental effects of using marijuana? Maybe you smoke and have some creative fun, or perhaps you have a little marijuana before you go to bed to get yourself a full night of restorative sleep. Why not combine gardening and marijuana? A lot of people enjoy growing marijuana outside, and you could be one of them. Yes, marijuana growing is often associated with the indoors, but plenty of people are growing marijuana outside too. Why grow outside instead of inside? What are some of the benefits? Also, what are some of the things to look for? Growing marijuana outside has its complications, but for many, the positives greatly outweigh the negatives. Here are some things to know about growing marijuana outside if you want to make that your next gardening experience.

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What are some of the financial benefits of growing marijuana outside?

Growing your own marijuana plants from seeds is effectively always going to save you money in the long run over buying buds from a dispensary. Seeds are cheaper than already-harvested buds that have passed through several employees that need to be paid. However, growing marijuana outside will save you even more than growing marijuana inside. When you grow your marijuana inside, you need equipment. You might need lights, dehumidifiers, and more. Now, long term, your investment will pay off, but what if you didn’t need to make that investment? If you are growing marijuana outside, you will maybe need to buy some soil, and you may want to buy some fertilizer or some plant nutrients. That’s it, though! Some people even collect rainwater to water their plants, which saves you even more money. By the way, growing marijuana outside can also be more environmentally friendly. You are using nature, not electricity, in your at-home growing operation.


What will my yield be like growing marijuana outside?

You can save money from growing marijuana outside. That would be true even if growing marijuana outside provided the same yield as growing marijuana inside. However, by and large, you get bigger yields growing marijuana outside. You are not restricted to the confines of the indoors when you are letting your marijuana plants grow outdoors. The sky, in some ways literally, is the limit. Your plants can grow within your outdoor space, which will likely be larger than any space you could have inside unless you have very high ceilings. It’s much less likely you will need to top marijuana plants when you are growing marijuana outside. As long as your plants feel manageable, you can let them grow as big, and as tall, as you want. That means more yield! You could potentially get a half pound to a full pound of weed once your harvest is dried. That’s massive! Doing that indoors is not feasible for most, but anybody can do that outdoors.

What are some of the concerns about growing marijuana outside?

Nature gives, but it can also take away. The primary issue with growing marijuana outside is that you can’t control the weather as much as you can control the environment in your house. There can be natural elements that get in the way when you are growing marijuana outdoors. If you live somewhere particularly windy, you may want to set up something to help prevent the heavy wind from whipping through your plants. A little breeze is good, but a lot of wind is a concern. There also may be some concerns with pests in the area. The big thing, though, is the temperature. Now, almost everywhere on the globe is going to have times of the year that are conducive to marijuana. Cannabis is a strong, robust plant. It can grow in hot locations and in cold, mountainous places. That being said, there is a temperature grouping that you want to keep your plants within when you are growing marijuana outside. If temperatures get over 85 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s damaging to the plant. If things fall below 55 degrees Fahrenheit, it becomes a concern for the plant and its growth as well. Basically, don’t grow your marijuana plants in the peak of summer or during the winter. Even if it’s nice during the day where you live, don’t forget your plants have to be outside overnight as well. Those nighttime lows are a concern for your plants as well.

What are the best strains for growing marijuana outside?

Some strains do better outside than others. When you are growing marijuana outside, you want a strain that is particularly hearty, and also can bring you quite the yield when it comes time to harvest your plant. In terms of benefiting from a robust yield, sativas tend to grow taller than indicas. When you grow sativas indoors, that means topping your plant. Growing marijuana outside, though, may not require topping your sativa strains. On the strain front, though, sativas grow naturally in hot places like Africa and Central America, while indicas grow in places like the Hindu Kush mountains. As such, if you live somewhere a little cooler, maybe an indica will do better. Growing marijuana outside has its complications, but if you like gardening you know what those complications are. They can also be well worth dealing with. Don’t buy a whole rig for growing marijuana indoors. Let the sun shine on your plant and grow it in natural soil outdoors! By growing marijuana outside, you can save even more money and get even more bang for your buck. When growing marijuana outside, consider going with one or more of these strains, as they tend to do well outdoors:

  • OG Kush
  • White Widow
  • Blue Dream
  • Super Silver Haze
  • Durban Poison

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