Female vs. Male Weed Plants: The Differences

Everything You Need to Know About Female vs. Male Weed Plants


The Battle of the Sexes has come to cannabis! Well, not really. This isn’t so much like that episode of Saved by the Bell where the guys and the gals compete in a series of competitions and Zack and company cheat and then the plot turns into a kid-friendly version of Lysistrata. We aren’t pitting female vs. male weed plants. This is not an arbitrary designation or an irrelevant bit of comparing and contrasting. There are differences in female vs. male weed plants. Some of them are minor. Some of them are insignificant. Others, though, really matter. In fact, there is one huge difference in female vs. male weed plants that matters a ton, particularly to people like you who want to grow marijuana plants at home for personal use. Why do you need to know the difference between female and male cannabis plants? Let’s dig into this “battle” to make you a more-informed, more-confident marijuana grower.

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How can you physically tell female vs. male weed plants?

The starting point is being able to identify whether or not you are looking at a female marijuana plant or a male marijuana plant. When you are looking at some fully-formed weed plants, there are a few things to look for in identifying female vs. male weed plants. For starters, male marijuana plants are taller than their female counterparts. Additionally, male plants tend to have thick, sturdy stalks. Female plants have more slender stalks. The lushness of the leaves can be a telling indicator as well. Female plants have more leaves, while male marijuana plants tend to be sparse on the leaf front. On top of that, female marijuana plants have “hairs” on them that are translucent and often white or orange in color. Now, many of these things are easier to tell when a weed plant is fully formed. There are also ways to note early the difference between female vs. male weed plants, and they point to the most important thing that separates the male from the female in the world of marijuana.


What’s the big difference between female vs. male weed plants?

Even a couple weeks into the life cycle of the marijuana plant – post germination at least – you can start to clock the signs of female vs. male weed plants. If you notice the appearance of sacs, those are pollen sacs, and that is a male marijuana plant. On female weed plants, early on you will see stigmas start to appear. In time, you will notice those stigmas turning into resinous buds. Now, as you surely know, buds are what gets harvested for marijuana use. When you partake in marijuana, you are enjoying the fruits of the buds of the plant. Marijuana buds contain THC, which is the psychoactive chemical compound found in weed. Now, we just said that female marijuana plants grow stigmas that turn into buds. Did you notice that we did not mention buds when we were discussing male weed plants? That was not an accident. Here we land on the big difference in female vs. male weed plants. Only female plants have buds. Male plants, in lieu of buds, grow pollen sacs. Without those sacs, there could be no pollination in the world of marijuana. Male marijuana plants are vital to marijuana breeding. However, due to the lack of buds, they contain basically no THC. For people who are simply growing marijuana plants to use them and to enjoy the experience of getting high, male marijuana plants have effectively no value. Personal marijuana growers really care about the differences in female vs. male weed plants, because a male weed plant is a real fly in the ointment.

Can I avoid the problems in female vs. male weed plants?

We hope we didn’t spook you. Are you suddenly worried about planting some marijuana seeds and then seeing some pollen sacs appear? Do you fear male marijuana plants spoiling your fun? All you want is some good, resinous buds to enjoy. You want a nice high from the marijuana you grow. A male plant can’t help you there. Fortunately for you, Growers Choice Seeds can help you avoid male marijuana plants entirely. No, that isn’t too good to be true. As a high-quality cannabis seed bank, we are feminizing seeds on a regular basis. That allows us to sell only fully-feminized cannabis seeds to all our customers. What does that mean? Fully-feminized cannabis seeds only grow female marijuana plants. Yes, you read that right. With fully-feminized seeds, you can rest easy knowing your marijuana plants are all going to be female. Every one of them will grow buds. Save the male marijuana plants for breeders! Put the worries about female vs. male weed plants behind you! Growers Choice Seeds eliminates that concern. Our fully-feminized seeds guarantee you female plants, which guarantees you buds you can harvest and smoke.

What else can Growers Choice Seeds do beyond eliminating the worries about female vs. male weed plants for me as an at-home weed grower?

We sell fully-feminized seeds for dozens of high-quality strains, some of them Cannabis Cup winners. You can choose which strains you are interested in from our website, order them online, and have them delivered to you. Our seeds aren’t merely fully feminized. They also are of the highest quality possible, a quality on par with the quality of the strains we sell. We ensure that by lab testing every seed, your seeds are also hand-selected for your order before they are delivered. The assurances don’t end there. Growers Choice provides a germination guarantee on every single one of its orders. If at least 90 percent of the seeds in your order don’t germinate, we will replace them. Of course, when they germinate, you can trust that your plants will be female. There’s no need to identify the differences between female vs. male weed plants when you get your seeds from us here at Growers Choice. Enjoy excellent strains such as:

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  • Grape Ape
  • Pineapple Express
  • Lemon Skunk
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