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Using marijuana is great for a litany of reasons. Some people just like to get baked. That’s cool! It’s legal in a lot of places around the world and in many states across America at this point. However, there are those who don’t merely use it for fun, some use it to experience some mental and/or physical relief.

If you have been using marijuana for a while, or are ready to go all in from day one, we recommend growing your own marijuana plants at home from the seed. It’s quite easy to grow marijuana at home, especially if you get your seeds from Growers Choice Seeds. We have great seasons for dozens of top strains, from sativas to indicas to hybrids. Whether you are experienced at growing weed or a newbie, at Growers Choice we are here to help. In addition to delivering high-quality seeds around the world, we deliver information. For example, did you know there are female and male marijuana plants? It’s true, and it matters! There are female seeds and male seeds and we’re here to tell you the difference and why female vs. male seeds are important to know about for marijuana growers.

What’s the story with female vs. male seeds?

The difference in female vs. male seeds matters when you are growing marijuana plants at home, so let’s focus on female vs. male plants. Think of female seeds as growing female marijuana plants, and male seeds, in turn, growing male marijuana plants. What could be so different between female and male marijuana plants? Well, to get all biology 101 on you, males and females of species have differences, particularly related to reproduction. There are differences in male and female marijuana plants as well. Male plants contain pollen sacs, which are used to pollinate female plants. That helps keep the species going and leads to marijuana breeding. For those who are breeding marijuana, male plants are vital. Breeders need male plants and need pollen. However, female marijuana plants don’t have pollen sacs. What they have instead are buds. Now, if you know marijuana at all, you know about buds. It’s what people talk about, what people buy, and what people smoke. Why all the love for marijuana buds? Well, the buds contain almost all the THC in marijuana. THC, as you may or may not know, is the reason marijuana is psychoactive. You won’t get these kinds of effects from smoking a male marijuana plant. Thus, for at-home growers who grow their marijuana for personal use, a male plant is, well, “useless.” You aren’t a breeder! You are a weed smoker! Now you know why it’s important to know what’s up with female vs. male seeds.

Can I tell the difference between female vs. male seeds?

Unfortunately, you are not going to be able to identify female vs. male seeds just by looking at cannabis seeds. They look quite similar. In fact, even when marijuana plants start sprouting the plants are going to look too similar to really be able to identify. Eventually, you will be able to tell if a marijuana plant is male or female. Male marijuana plants are taller and have thicker stalks. Of course, to be able to identify a taller, thicker plant, you will have to let them grow a bit. Female marijuana plants have more leaves. A leafy plant is female, while a plant with only a handful of leaves is likely male. Perhaps the best, easiest way to identify if a marijuana plant is female is to look for translucent, white fibers that look like hairs. These hairlike fibers are only found on female plants. Check out where the branches meet the stalks. That’s where you will likely find these fibers. However, you may want to get a magnifying glass for the purposes so you can really drill down and get a close look. Of course, you will have to wait a few weeks after planting your seeds to identify if it was a female vs. male seed, which means a few weeks of potential worry. Is there a way to avoid all that?

Is there a way to not have to deal with wondering if you have female vs. male seeds?

Skip the part where you have to worry about your plants turning out to be male. Just get your seeds from Growers Choice Seeds instead. You may not be able to tell female vs. male seeds just by looking at the seeds, but at Growers Choice, we have a ton of equipment that gives us an advantage over your at-home growers. We also have a process we use to make sure our customers are going to get the THC-rich female marijuana plants they want. At Growers Choice, we only sell feminized cannabis seeds, as a feminized seed is going to grow a female marijuana plant. When you buy nothing but feminized seeds, you are all but guaranteed to end up with only female plants. Sure, you can still look for those translucent, white-ish fibers just for peace of mind, but you can trust Growers Choice, and you can trust our cannabis seeds. We know that worrying about planting female vs. male seeds can be stressful. That’s why we’ve made an effort to remove that stressor from the equation. Now, all you have to worry about is which of our many great marijuana strains you want to grow (from feminized seeds, of course). Here are five strains you may want to consider:

  • Super Lemon Haze
  • Critical Purple
  • OG Kush
  • Gorilla Glue
  • Pineapple Express

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