All About Cheap Cannabis Seeds

Everything About Cheap Cannabis Seeds


Who doesn’t like a good deal? Well, some people. People who like to splash their cash. People who like to show off when it comes to spending money. Hey, that’s their business, but that isn’t our style. We love value, which is when a good price meets better quality. It’s not just about saving money, because, sometimes, you get what you pay for, and not in a good way. Cannabis seeds are not anything different. At Growers Choice Seeds, we sell seeds to customers all over the globe so that they can grow cannabis plants at home for personal use. We offer seeds for dozens of strains, including several Cannabis Cup winners. What are you looking for when it comes to your cannabis seeds? It may be their value. You may want to save money, and perhaps that is your primary concern. As such, you may be looking for cheap cannabis seeds. That’s reasonable, but it really depends on what you mean by “cheap” cannabis seeds. At Growers Choice Seeds we believe in value, but we also believe you can go too far in the search to save a buck, at which point you may regret going for cheap cannabis seeds. You could argue that at Growers Choice we have “cheap” seeds, depending on how you define that. What we definitely have, though, is quality seeds that provide bang for your buck.

Compare Our Premium Cannabis Seeds

Compare Our Cannabis Seed Strains

California Orange Feminized 50% Indica/50% Sativa 14% THC Anytime
Bubba Kush Feminized 10% Sativa, 90% Indica 19% THC Evening
Raskal OG Feminized 60% Sativa/40% Indica 17% THC Anytime

How can cheap cannabis seeds backfire on me?

Now, we are admittedly in a nebulous area, because “cheap” doesn’t have a literal dollar value placed on it. For these purposes, we are going to focus on a theoretical company that is highlighting the cheapness of its seeds. They may offer bargain-barrel prices for your cannabis seeds, but how could that cause you problems? Well, if your seeds are of poor quality, you are going to have trouble growing your plants. Even an expert grower can’t make some seeds work. Some seeds are duds, and if a company doesn’t care, they will sell them to you anyway. If a seed doesn’t grow into a healthy plant, it’s not going to be of any value to you. Even if you pay a penny for it you’ve paid too much, and it’s going to cost you more than that. A big problem with shoddy seeds is that they may not germinate. If a seed doesn’t germinate, it’s not going to grow a plant. Now, let’s say your plant does grow. A cannabis seed company that doesn’t care about its customers is not likely to bother to feminize its seeds. Feminized seeds grow female plants. Why is that so important? Because only female plants provide you with THC-rich buds. A male plant can’t do that for you. Your cheap cannabis seeds may not be feminized, and then you are going to end up with a bunch of male plants that mean no THC-laden buds for you. So yeah, if you only care about the cheapest seeds possible, you may not be happy with it.


What advantages does Growers Choice Seeds offer over these theoretical cheap cannabis seeds?

We have seeds for quality strains, seeds that we will deliver to you. A bare-bones cannabis seed company may not be willing to do that. However, we also put in the effort to make sure that you are going to be a happy customer and get a bang for your buck. You’ll be happy with the value you get when you go with Growers Choice Seeds. For starters, all our seeds are fully feminized. When you buy cannabis seeds from us, they are going to grow female plants. That’s one concern you can set aside. We also put in the effort to make sure you get the highest quality of seeds. Every single one of our cannabis seeds is lab tested, and they are also hand selected for every order. Because of this, we have a lot of faith in the quality of our seeds. In fact, Growers Choice offers a germination guarantee on every single one of our orders. If at least 90 percent of your seeds don’t germinate, we will replace them. A company that only cares about cheap cannabis seeds isn’t going to do that. Sometimes, it’s valuable to not just go for the cheapest option possible. That’s true of cannabis seeds, just like it is with meat or shoes or all sorts of products.

Can Growers Choice provide me with cheap cannabis seeds?

We have quality seeds for great strains, we have fully-feminized seeds, we have a germination guarantee, and that’s not all. At any given time we have an assortment of strains on sale. By taking advantage of a sale, you can save some cash without losing on quality. You could make an argument then that those are, indeed, cheap cannabis seeds. We have sativas for sale, indicas for sale, hybrids for sale, and auto-flowering seeds on sale. Auto-flowering seeds flower based on age as opposed to via the light cycle. That makes them a good bet for beginning growers. Currently, we also have high-CBD medical strains for sale. Those are great for people who want the anecdotal medical benefits of marijuana without getting too high. The strains that are on sale will always change, but right now one of our most popular strains, Critical Purple, is on sale. In fact, it’s an auto-flowering version of Critical Purple. This strain has 27 percent THC and really packs an indica punch. Critical Purple is said to be great for sleep and body pain, and you can buy cheap cannabis seeds from us on sale right now. Seeds that have a germination guarantee and are fully feminized, of course. Can you find cheaper cannabis seeds out there than the ones we have at Growers Choice Seeds? Yes, you probably can. However, just getting the cheapest seeds possible shouldn’t be your only goal. It should be getting the best bang for your buck, and that’s what Growers Choice provides. If you buy one of our strains on sale, you can get even more value. Right now, you can save some money on strains such as:

  • Mendocino Purps
  • Juicy Fruit
  • Bruce Banner
  • Allen Wrench
  • Candy Kush

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