Everything You Need to Know About An Outdoor Weed Grow


Back in the day, when marijuana was illegal in many places, such as across the United States, your marijuana growing had to be surreptitious. You were skirting the law, after all. Most marijuana growing was done indoors. You had to hide your cannabis plants in some back room or in a closet or something. If you undertook an outdoor weed grow, you had to be really careful. Nobody was doing that in the city. You did it away from prying eyes and probably had a coverup. Maybe you threw a big tarp over your outdoor weed grow operation. Now, though, marijuana is legal in more and more places. An outdoor weed grow, even in the city, is entirely possible, and you don’t have to sweat it. Many people still opt to grow their marijuana plants indoors, but maybe an outdoor weed grow is right for you. That’s especially true for certain strains which benefit from being grown outdoors. Hey, a lot of people have their gardens and they consider tending them almost therapeutic. Maybe marijuana can be there for you. Plus, after your grow is done, you’ll have some high-quality marijuana to enjoy!

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What are the benefits of an outdoor weed grow?

If you are a nature person, we don’t need to twist your arm to consider an outdoor weed grow. That’s probably all you’re interested in anyway. Also, we don’t want to try and cajole you into it if you would really prefer to grow indoors. We merely want to offer up an outdoor weed grow as an option for you. Many people turn to grow their own marijuana for personal use because, in the long run, you save money. Your dispensary has to pay employees, pay for their space, pay for marijuana cultivation, and so on. That raises the price of your marijuana considerably. It’s definitely cheaper to buy cannabis seeds and then grow your cannabis plants. An outdoor weed grow will save you even more money. Indoor weed growing requires equipment, right? You need to buy soil, lighting, pots to grow your marijuana plants in, and so on. Now, in the long run, you still save money there. However, the financial outlay of an outdoor weed grow is even less. The light? The Sun provides that! The soil is there as well, though you may need to buy soil nutrients if the soil in your area isn’t robust enough. Outdoor weed grows are better for the environment, as you don’t have to use energy to run lamps or heating and cooling elements within your house. Oh, and it changes the experience of smoking marijuana as well. An outdoor weed grow yields a full, robust gamut of cannabinoids and terpenes. You get better, tastier marijuana plants. Some people move from an indoor to an outdoor weed grow and are so wowed by the results they never go back!


What are the drawbacks of an outdoor weed grow?

Nature gives, and nature can take away. That’s the primary concern about an outdoor weed grow. You control the variables with outdoor weed grows to a lesser degree. Outdoors, you are at the mercy of the weather, the temperatures, bugs, animals, the wind, and so on and so forth. That being said, you can work around some of these issues. There are ways to keep pests away from your plants. You can plant your marijuana seeds somewhere where the plants will be protected by heavy winds. The temperatures? Well, that’s a little trickier, but you know your location’s climate. Daytime temperatures between 75 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit are ideal. Temperatures above 88 degrees or below 60 degrees is a concern. If you are in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s best to plant in mid-spring and have expectations of harvesting in the middle of fall.

What are the best strains for an outdoor weed grow?

Some strains handle the out of doors better than others. Durban Poison is a pure sativa, and pure sativas and indicas are increasingly tricky to find. Sativas are known for being energizing and can give you a real emotional boost. Some even experience euphoria when they use sativas like Durban Poison, one of the top sativas out there. It’s also one of the top strains for people who engage in outdoor weed grows. Moby Dick, the whale, wouldn’t do well indoors, and the strain with the same name is a great outdoor choice. Skywalker OG may make you think of outer space, but the strain is also robustly grown in the great outdoors. OG Kush, White Widow, and Super Silver Haze are choices for outdoor weed grow experiences as well. A lot of older strains tend to do well outdoors. For example, Northern Lights is one of the original Cannabis Cup winners. These days, it still makes a great choice for an outdoor weed grow.

Why might I consider an autoflowering strain for an outdoor weed grow?

What’s an autoflowering marijuana strain? They are strains that flower based on age, not based on light exposure. How do autoflowering strains do this? Thanks to crossbreeding with Cannabis ruderalis. This is a type of cannabis that is low in psychoactive THC, so smoking ruderalis wouldn’t make much sense, but it does have a benefit to it. Ruderal species of plants are defined by their heartiness. The name comes from the fact they are the plants that grow first when the land has been ravaged or turned over. They are robust and hearty. Also, ruderal plants bring autoflowering into the mix when bred with popular marijuana strains. If you are doing an outdoor weed grow for the first time, an autoflowering strain is a smart choice. Not just because they will flower automatically, but because the plants tend to be sturdier. Cannabis, in general, is a hearty plant, but autoflowering cannabis is even stronger. The elements may be less of a concern, and that gives you one fewer thing to worry about. Some popular strains available in autoflowering form that you may want to consider for an outdoor weed grow include:

  • Critical Purple
  • Gorilla Glue
  • Tangerine Dream
  • Cinex
  • Hindu Kush

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