All About Marijuana Harvesting

Everything About A Marijuana Harvest


Look, there are a lot of people who enjoy the journey of growing plants. The day-to-day process. The tending. All that good stuff. It’s kind of like how some people love the act of cooking and food preparation. In the end, though, it’s all about the end game. With cooking, it’s a delicious meal. With plants, sometimes it’s just seeing them when they are fully grown. Ah, but with marijuana, it’s about enjoying the fruits of your labor. A lot of at-home weed growers enjoy honing and cultivating their marijuana. They get a sense of accomplishment as well. However, you feel accomplished because you have your end product: your marijuana harvest. Ultimately, the process of growing marijuana is all about the marijuana harvest. What are you looking for? Robust, potent, THC-rich buds. You buy cannabis seeds and you grow your cannabis plants so that you can have a marijuana harvest and use marijuana for whatever reason. Perhaps you use an indica to chill out and get some sleep. Whatever your strain, the goal is a successful marijuana harvest. Growers Choice Seeds is here to help you get that successful marijuana harvest, whether you are a first-time grower or an experienced hand.

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Where do I start to have a successful marijuana harvest?

It starts with your seeds. You can’t grow cannabis without cannabis seeds. That’s a tautology, but it’s true. Growers Choice Seeds is a cannabis seed bank. That means we store and sell cannabis seeds. We have seeds for dozens of high-quality strains. That includes sativas, indicas, hybrids, and high-CBD medical strains. Those strains, by the way, come from seeds that are lab tested and hand-selected for every order. Oh, and we deliver as well. Your marijuana harvest begins when you buy cannabis seeds, and we think you should buy them from us here at Growers Choice. That’s a great way to get off to a great start for your marijuana harvest. We have cannabis seeds for high-quality strains including:

  • Diesel
  • Critical Purple
  • White Widow
  • Gorilla Glue
  • Tangerine Dream

What’s the first step to my marijuana harvest?

You have your seeds. Now, you need to germinate them. Germination is when your seed begins to sprout. It will split open and a taproot will appear. That taproot will grow into your marijuana plant, which will then lead to your marijuana harvest. How do you germinate seeds? Some people do it right in the soil, to protect the seed, which can be sensitive. Other people do it with some damp paper towels and some plates. All you need is heat, air, and water. Some darkness helps as well for germination, though. We have in-depth articles about seed germination, but we also have a way to help you with germination and your marijuana harvest. Growers Choice Seeds provides a germination guarantee on every order. That means if at least 90 percent of the seeds in your order don’t germinate, we will replace them. A faulty seed should not stand in the way of your marijuana harvest.

What else is key to a successful marijuana harvest?

Ultimately, what are you harvesting when you have yourself a marijuana harvest? Marijuana buds! These buds contain THC, a chemical compound that is responsible for marijuana being psychoactive. A marijuana plant has leaves, stalks, and more, but a marijuana harvest is a bud harvest so that you can enjoy the fruits of your labor and enjoy a nice high. For a marijuana harvest, what you need is a female marijuana plant. Male marijuana plants have pollen sacs, not buds. As such, they basically have no THC. Harvesting marijuana means harvesting the buds off of a female plant. You can’t have your marijuana harvest with a male plant. Fortunately, Growers Choice Seeds has you covered here as well. Not only do we offer a germination guarantee on every order, we also sell fully-feminized cannabis seeds. Fully-feminized seeds grow female marijuana plants. We know our customers don’t want male marijuana plants. They can’t get a marijuana harvest from them! That’s why we only sell our customer’s fully-feminized seeds. Each and every time you get the peace of mind of knowing you will be growing yourself a female weed plant.

Can Growers Choice Seeds make it easier for me to get to my marijuana harvest?

Some marijuana strains are easier to grow than others. We think every strain we sell is of high quality. They aren’t all ideal for every marijuana grower, though. Some strains are not for beginner growers, as they may find it hard to get to the point of a marijuana harvest. There are strains that are more temperamental or need more care to get a solid yield. If you are new to marijuana and are looking to ensure yourself a marijuana harvest, there is a type of cannabis plant you might want to consider. These are auto-flowering strains. What are auto-flowering cannabis strains, and why do they make it easier to get yourself a marijuana harvest? These strains take already-popular marijuana strains and cross-breed them with Cannabis ruderalis. This type of cannabis is low in THC, but it provides a certain quality that helps with a marijuana harvest. Ruderalis plants are durable, robust, and grow easily and efficiently. They also flower automatically. Traditionally, to get your marijuana plants to flower to get to your marijuana harvest you need to manage the lighting cycle. It’s doable, obviously, but it takes more work. Auto-flowering strains will flower based on the age of the plant. Clearly, that’s way easier. That takes some stress off of beginner growers. Growers Choice Seeds cares about your marijuana harvest. From your first plant to your 50th, Growers Choice wants to be here for you. If you have any questions from before you buy your seeds up to your marijuana harvest, feel free to ask. We are here to help you have successful marijuana harvest each and every time.

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