Commercial Cannabis Growth: Questions & Concerns

cannabis growth

As the topic of commercial cannabis growth takes off, we’ve heard opposing viewpoints of pros and cons surrounding the matter. Would the quality of cannabis diminish with commercialization? Where is it environmentally sound to grow such large quantities? Even though federal legalization sounds like the ultimate dream come true, it wouldn’t be such a pressing topic without some concerns as well.

The Quality of Cannabis Growth

You may have heard the saying that the bigger a company grows, the worse its quality will be. Take a look at fast-food chains, for example. You can order a McDonald’s cheeseburger anytime, anywhere for a low cost. It seems in the world of business that low cost = low quality. No hate for McDonald’s, but the quality isn’t exactly top-notch. Cannabis advocates worry that the larger the industry expands, the lower the costs and the lower the quality of the product. Is there a tried and true way for growers to perform quality control and regular checks? What would the greenhouses look like? Would they maintain quality air? Ventilation? Temperature? Humidity levels?

Tell Me More About Quality Control

To prevent any misinformation, the following paragraph was taken directly from Cannabis Tech

“To measure the quality of medical cannabis products, accurate standard measurements must first be put in place through quality control. Quality control requires that the medical cannabis end-product possess a minimum level of potency, which is ascertained by rigorous testing before finding its way to the market. International organizations are also coming up with standards and regulations on compound limits so that cannabis products do not adversely interfere with normal biochemical processes in the body. Reasonable quality control also ensures the most effective use of resources at a reasonable production cost.”

But there’s a problem with the way cannabis growth is carried out. “To keep up with the increasing demand for high potency THC by cannabis consumers, it’s fast becoming a norm among some growers to shop for easy-to-work-with cannabis testing labs to increase potency value on COAs and pass compliance tests. There is also the problem of inaccurate pesticide reporting. These inaccuracies create disparities between actual results and results presented on COAs and are misleading to consumers.”

Cannabis Growth and the Environment

Location, location, location. It boils down to more than indoor technologies and greenhouse effects. The physical location of a company matters just as much. The ideology that California grows the best cannabis is actually backed up by science and the logistics of marijuana growth. It’s safest to grow cannabis in “environmentally sound” locations with moderate weather year-round. But that’s not to say warmer-climate states are the only winners.

According to a 2021 study by Colorado State University, extreme weather patterns equal extreme carbon footprints for indoor growers. They have to go to extreme lengths to keep their indoor settings as neutral as possible, despite the weather conditions brewing outside. California doesn’t have too many extreme weather conditions, therefore it’s a safe bet. Being located on the coast is a huge benefit as oceans naturally regulate temperatures.

Based on this logic, you can probably guess that the worst states to grow cannabis would be located away from the coasts in the midwest. States such as North Dakota, Minnesota, and Wisconsin would not make for indoor growing locations due to the extreme nature of their winters. The same goes for

  • Illinois
  • South Dakota
  • Michigan
  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • Missouri

That leaves the South, the East Coast, and the West Coast as more practical locations for indoor growers to set up shop. We apologize to Midwesterners, but your winters are simply too unpredictable for cannabis plants to thrive. At the same time, states that are too hot also make inhospitable environments for plants, such as southern Texas, Alabama, Arkansas, and southern Florida.

The study by Colorado State University declared that California, Oregon, and Washington make ideal states for cannabis growth. Idaho, Nevada, and Utah are also high on that list. On the East Coast, North Carolina, New York, and Maine make great candidates as well. We hope you learned something fascinating about cannabis growth in today’s blog!

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