5 Countries That Grow The Best Cannabis

For those of us who’ve been in the cannabis-smoking business long enough, we can usually tell when a strain hits just right. Cannabis connoisseurs value quality over quantity and part of that stems from the origin of a certain strain. Which countries grow the best cannabis, you ask? That’s what we’re talking about in today’s blog. We researched the top five countries around the world that, according to reports, produce the highest-quality cannabis.

Due to the vagueness of cannabis “quality,” we should define what makes a strain enjoyable to a user. Granted, we will likely all have different answers. Some may say the potency of a strain in addition to its THC/CBD profile. Others may argue that it’s delicious flavor, taste, and aroma. Cannabis growers and harvesters may turn to a strain simply for its high yield or resiliency to external factors, such as the weather or temperature. Indeed, there is no single way to define high-quality cannabis…but these countries sure have developed a positive reputation over the years.

Without further ado, I present the countries that reportedly grow the best cannabis. Mind you, many factors must be taken into account from these countries’ climates to their cannabis laws and soil quality.

Which Countries Grow The Best Cannabis?


In most North American dispensaries, the highest THC content ranges from 25-30%. Personally, I’ve never found or smoked anything higher than 30%. In Australia, however, rumor has it that breeders cooked up multiple strains with 40% THC once upon a time. That rumor caught wind in 2013 and remains up in the air with little to no proof of concept. We might never see a 40% THC go to the public market but at least someone thought of it! This could be a fair warning that cannabis in Australia is much stronger than in the US or Canada.


Surely, it’s no surprise that Netherland breeders grow the best cannabis in the world. This cannabis-friendly tourist mecca draws in absurd amounts of money each year from their marijuana cafes (and possibly the Red Light District as well). The Netherlands was one of the first countries to legalize cannabis use but since then, authorities have tightened to rules to prevent drunken, incoherent tourists from walking the streets. In terms of cannabis ingenuity, the Netherlands has come up with some of the best-smelling and best-tasting strains and one-of-a-kind hybrids.


In many parts of Kazahkstan, the cannabis plant grows freely on its own, without the need for breeders and harvesters to attend to it. When we let nature run its course, it produces some of the best cannabis in the world. Kazakhstan is widely considered a cannabis haven and creation site where many strains originate from. Generally speaking, localized strains evoke a peaceful, calm feeling with a laid-back sensation. Kazakhstan breeders do not mess around when it comes to addictive cannabis flavor and aroma.


Just an hour plane ride over from Kazahkstan, Afghanistan is also ranked in the top five countries that grow the best cannabis. Even after vast internal conflicts, Afghanistan continues to produce top-selling strains that stretch from every corner of the globe. Reports claim that Afghanistan was one of the first countries to experiment with cannabis genetics, particularly in indica strains. Similarly to Kazakhstan, the cannabis found in Afghanistan is primarily used to promote relaxation, calmness, and peacefulness from head to toe. Research suggests that the majority of cannabis in the Middle East stems from indicas rather than sativas.

United States

Last but not least, we have the United States…which feels like a generalization with so many states to choose from. Are we really to believe that every single state harvests top-selling cannabis? Not exactly. We’d better focus on specific regions. In the Pacific Northwest, for example, Oregon and Washington reign supreme over West Coast states like California and Nevada. In the Northeast, Maine comes out on top. In the South, Kentucky, Florida, and Tennessee take first place for the best cannabis.

What About The Worst Countries?

We knew you’d ask…so we found out! Naturally, the worst places to grow cannabis are the ones with the strictest cannabis laws. One single plant or seed is enough to put you in jail, possibly for life without the option for bail.

  • Thailand
  • The Philippines
  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • China
  • Saudi Arabia
  • South & North Korea

After reading today’s post, we want to know if you were surprised by any of the countries on this list? Does your country grow the best cannabis? In the past, did you visit a foreign country, try their cannabis, and immediately tell that it was amazing quality…or terrible quality?

One thought on “5 Countries That Grow The Best Cannabis

  1. I think anymore it has gotten to not what country, or region since we are not talking about climate anymore with all the tech as far as lighting, and breeding… But that is wonderful! I can grow the same, or maybe even better here in Alaska as the Netherlands. With ruderalis, (AutoFlower) and our 24/7 summer daylight, outdoor growing is like it is in the tropics. But, how much better can it get? It is such a beautiful plant that it’s probabilities seem to be endless!Long live Cannabis, and long live GROWERS CHOICE! 🙂

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