State of Cannabis Series

Cannabis in Pennsylvania

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By Alice Blunt Like many states in the US, Pennsylvania has a long and fraught history with marijuana. Back in the 1700s, hemp was a booming industry for the commonwealth, before restrictions pushed the cultivation of pot nearly entirely out of the state.  ...  Read More

Cannabis History and Legalization in Mexico

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The Status of Cannabis Legalization in Mexico Mexico has a very different relationship with cannabis than the United States. Since American pop culture has embraced marijuana and its surrounding cultures, we commonly associate it with hippies, college kids, ...  Read More

Cannabis in Hawaii

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The state of Hawaii, Paradise of the Pacific, made history when the local government made the progressive decision to decriminalize medical cannabis back in the year 2000 through a state bill rather than a ballot measure (maybe their attempt to chill everyone ...  Read More

Cannabis in Alaska

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Although you have to contend with icy temperatures and perhaps the odd wild bear or maybe moose, there’s one major fringe benefit for pot proponents living, loving and heading to the frozen north – cannabis use is legal in Alaska, and has been in some ...  Read More