Medical Cannabis

Be Sure to Add These High CBD Cannabis Seeds to Your Cart

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Did you know that over 35 million Americans consider themselves “regular” cannabis users? That makes cannabis the most popular, federally illegal drug. Out of that staggering number, a large percentage of Americans depend on—not just use—...  Read More

Cannabis for Veterans

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While some of you may associate the month of November with Thanksgiving, others honor the veterans who fought to keep our country safe. This Veteran’s Day (November 11, 2021), we’re dedicating our blog to the many ways cannabis can help former soldiers ...  Read More

The Effects of Cannabis on Mood

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Disclaimer: On the Growers Choice blog, we aim to educate you about cannabis, how it can help, and how it can affect you. While more and more people are turning to cannabis to treat mental health conditions, the scientific jury is still out on its benefits and...  Read More

CBD in Stores? Walgreens and CVS Take on Cannabis

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Guest post by Eric Van Buskirk Until very recently, cannabidiol- and CBD-infused items either had to be purchased online or through specialty retailers. This restricted availability is partially to blame for the continued stigmatization of cannabis-related ...  Read More

7 Life-Changing Health Benefits of CBD

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More and more people are acknowledging medical cannabis. To appease those cannabis enthusiasts who don’t want the psychoactive effects of THC, however, marijuana cultivators and connoisseurs are consistently innovating CBD products, too. Cannabidiol or ...  Read More

CBD: A Natural Treatment for Your Pets?

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By Katie King Does your doggo get nervous in the car? Does he have separation anxiety, or is he just a spaz all the time, even if you throw his tennis ball until he almost dies? Having a stressed out pet is no fun. We love our pets, but sometimes they can be a...  Read More

Why Does Weed Make Some People Paranoid, and Not Others?

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The topic of weed and paranoia is a popular one. This side effect is one of the most-quoted by those against legalization of the plant and by people who tried it once in high school, and there is certainly ample anecdotal and scientific evidence of its truth. ...  Read More

The Best Cannabis Recipe Sites

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Say what you want about millennials (we’re lazy, technology-obsessed, and lacking social skills), but you can’t deny that this generation is passionate about health and a greener lifestyle. That counts for the environment — climate change is ...  Read More

The Harmful Side Effects of Smoking Cannabis

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We used to think the fastest way to get the maximum benefits from marijuana plants was to smoke the leaves – burning the plant material unlocks the beneficial cannabinoids, which enter the bloodstream on a puff of pungent smoke and pass through the blood-...  Read More