21 12, 2022

Cannabis Holidays to Celebrate

By |2023-03-20T20:56:35-07:00December 21st, 2022|Cannabis Lifestyle|

Cannabis Day Dreaming Not that you need an excuse to get high, but wouldn’t it be nice of cannabis had its own official holiday? Like, International Cannabis Day, or something? That way, we could all take a day off from work, order pizza, and watch the entire Game Of Thrones again from the [...]

9 09, 2022

The Rise of Cannabis Cafes in North America

By |2023-03-20T21:18:44-07:00September 9th, 2022|Cannabis Edibles, Cannabis Lifestyle|

For the longest time, The Netherlands, specifically Amsterdam, reigned supreme with cannabis cafes on every corner. A place where locals and tourists alike could gather to smoke or fill their stomachs with cannabis-induced treats. It only took like, one hundred years, but North America is finally catching up! There’s competition [...]

20 12, 2021