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Finding Calmness and Inner Peace With Cannabis

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Times are changing. We can either choose to stick to our old ways or adapt and overcome whatever the world puts in front of us. Over the last two years, the majority of health and healing has taken place indoors, in the privacy of our homes. We grow cannabis ...  Read More

The Rise of Cannabis Cafes in North America

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For the longest time, The Netherlands, specifically Amsterdam, reigned supreme with cannabis cafes on every corner. A place where locals and tourists alike could gather to smoke or fill their stomachs with cannabis-induced treats. It only took like, one ...  Read More

What Is the Emerald Triangle?

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Q: What exactly is the Emerald Triangle and where is it?  A. It’s where cannabis aviators lose their bearings and mysteriously disappear, never to be heard from again. B. It’s somewhere at the end of a road made of yellow bricks and over the rainbow. C. ...  Read More

9 Ways to Combat a Cannabis Hangover

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Too many of us know the effects of an alcohol-related hangover all too well. While some may say their out-all-night-in-the-club partying days are over, there’s a lesser-known type of hangover that may occur as you get older. It’s the cannabis ...  Read More

Cannabis Dispensary Do’s and Don’ts for Your First Visit

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First and foremost, even those most-seasoned cannabis dispensary customers all started off as dispensary novices, so the fact that you’re looking up tips for how to not “sound dumb” when going into a dispensary is nothing to feel embarrassed about...  Read More

Charitable Cannabis Brands to Support This Season

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Can you remember a time when cannabis consumers were characterized as lazy, lethargic stoners without a care in the world? Well, we’re changing that this holiday season. We cannot think of a better time to shout out these charitable cannabis brands as ...  Read More

Cannabis Beauty Products for Your Self-Care Routine

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There’s a cannabis renaissance happening in the beauty community. A fraction of the billion-dollar cosmetics industry is finally warming up to all-natural ingredients in their products, rather than chemical toxins produced in a lab. We could all use a self-...  Read More

Cannabis Edibles to Get You In the Holiday Spirit

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If the start of December doesn’t get you excited for Christmas and the holidays, then you must be some sort of Grinch. Personally, we can’t help but feel a sense of merriment this time of year. Maybe it’s the weed, maybe it’s the ...  Read More

How Does Cannabis Impact Gym Performance?

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There’s plenty of research to support that cannabis’ main cannabinoids—THC and CBD—play a certain role in body function. Even though THC impacts cerebral performance more than its counterpart, both cannabinoids make your body function ...  Read More