Growing Cannabis

How Long After Switching To 12/12 Will I See Buds

Let’s dive into the fascinating cultivation technique known as the 12/12 cycle. Learn about the dos and don’ts for indoor cultivation, and how to fix light leaks in your growing space. Understand why autoflowering marijuana plants don’t depend on light schedules, and discover some of the most popular auto strains.  What is the 12/12 Cycle?...  Read More

Can You Super Crop in Flower?

If you’re a cannabis grower, you may be familiar with the technique called super cropping. Super Cropping involves intentionally breaking the stem or branch of the cannabis plant, causing it to heal and grow stronger. While this technique has numerous benefits, it also has a few drawbacks that inexperienced growers or even advanced growers should...  Read More

How To Prune Cannabis Plants

Your cannabis plants need a lot of care to ensure that they produce optimally. One aspect of caring for them involves providing the right inputs–that includes quality, nutrient-filled soil, adequate lighting, and viable seeds, like the Durban Poison feminized seeds from Growers Choice. But it doesn’t all end there. What many people won’t tell you...  Read More

When to Flip to Flower

When Can I Start to Flip to Flower? Unless you are growing an autoflowering hybrid cannabis strain, then knowing when to flip your photoperiod female plants from their vegetative stage to their flowering phase is an incredibly important piece of knowledge for cannabis growers, as it is one of the most vital steps to guarantee...  Read More

How to Clone Cannabis

Cloning is a great way for growers to create an exact genetic copy of their favorite cannabis plant. This ensures that the plant’s characteristics, such as smell and potency, are passed on from the parent plant to the clone. In this article, we’ll cover the process behind creating your own cannabis clones. With the right...  Read More

How Long Does it Take For Marijuana Seeds to Break Through Soil?

Once you have your hands on your marijuana seeds, you’ll likely want to start the germination process with them right away. But, how long does it take for marijuana seeds to break soil once you have planted them? How long can you expect to wait for this exciting next step? Below, we’re taking a closer...  Read More

How Deep to Plant Marijuana Seeds

With more and more states in the U.S. legalizing recreational marijuana, including at-home growing, more and more individuals are looking for information on weed seeds and how to grow their own weed plants in their homes and/or gardens. One of the most frequently asked questions by beginner growers is: “How deep should I plant my...  Read More

How to Grow Marijuana at Home in 60 Days

Maybe you’ve come across this piece because you’re a first-time grower or novice grower, who is wanting to find out what the best beginner strains are, how to grow weed indoors and out, and how to quickly grow your weed plants. Or maybe you live in a part of the world that has a short...  Read More

What Does a Dead Marijuana Plant Look Like

In this article, we’ll be going over the signs of if you have dead weed plants, sick plants, or merely healthy cannabis plants with some dead leaves; whether or not you can save them; and if so, how to do so. We will also look at some of the main reasons why these things can...  Read More

Signs of too much Light on Weed Plants

To successfully grow your weed plants from the seed, they need a few things. Water is vital to allowing your plants to grow and flourish. Cannabis plants need water to grow. Even succulents need water! However, did you know you can actually overwater your plants? It’s true, and too much water can damage cannabis. The...  Read More

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