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Cannabis in Nevada — Buy Weed Seeds Online Today

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Here’s a crazy and fun fact: in the first month after Nevada legalized recreational marijuana and dispensaries were allowed to open their doors to all users, they racked up a cool $27 million in sales. In one month! It’s safe to say that Nevada is as ...  Read More

How to Store Cannabis Seeds for Longevity

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Let’s say that your latest batch of feminized cannabis seeds from Growers Choice has just arrived at your doorstep, but for whatever reason, you aren’t quite ready to germinate and plant them. Today’s blog will teach you how to store cannabis seeds ...  Read More

What Is the Emerald Triangle?

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Q: What exactly is the Emerald Triangle and where is it?  A. It’s where cannabis aviators lose their bearings and mysteriously disappear, never to be heard from again. B. It’s somewhere at the end of a road made of yellow bricks and over the rainbow. C. ...  Read More

Cannabis for Your Skin Health: Helpful or Harmful?

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Have you heard of the term “shower thoughts” before? Originated from Reddit, “shower thoughts” described a random thought that you may have had in the shower, or while driving, or doing some other relatively mindless activity where your...  Read More

What Is Bud Rot and What Can I Do About It?

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Botrytis, or in layperson’s terms bud rot, is something you’re likely to encounter at one point as a cannabis cultivator. It’s a prevalent fungus, so if and when you encounter it, you shouldn’t beat yourself up about it as it does not mean you “...  Read More

10 Cannabis Terms That Might Be New to You

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While terms like “bong,” “toke,” “hit,” “high,” “pre-roll,” “mary jane,” etc. are probably known to most, including even to many non-cannabis users, the world of cannabis has its own lexicon that far extends beyond words and phrases ...  Read More

What Does the Entourage Effect Mean When it Comes to Cannabis?

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In this article, we’ll be exploring the entourage effect theory and how it plays a role in how a particular strain of THC, CBD, and CBN product, as well as how these products affect the human body. However, before getting to that, we should first talk about ...  Read More

Ecuador and Cannabis Reform: Is Marijuana Legal in 2022?

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Ecuador is a country worth paying attention to for numerous reasons, and in the case of cannabis reform, the country has been quietly progressing from being one of the countries in South America with some of the harshest and toughest drug laws to ...  Read More