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Increase Your Cannabis High With These Foods

Sometimes, you need a little extra something to bring your cannabis buzz to the next level. The same goes for alcohol, coffee, CBD—anything that alters your natural state. There are […]

5 Delicious Coffee-Flavored Strains For Energy

After a year from pandemic hell, many of us are finally inching closer to normalcy in our day to day lives. And in that subtle normalcy resides your morning routine. […]

Canna-Infused Thanksgiving Recipes

As the year comes to a close, you may or may not look back on 2020 without many thanks. What’s there to be thankful for, anyway? A global pandemic? A […]

Cannabis Tea: Start Your Day The Right Way

Nothing says “good morning” like a hot cup of English Breakfast tea. They say nothing comes before coffee, but we here at Growers Choice, have an even better quote to […]

All About Cannabis Tea

This is a long one! It’s a good read, but if you’d rather jump to the most relevant section for you… What is Cannabis Tea? Fresh or cured leaves? The Benefits […]

The Best Cannabis Recipe Sites

Say what you want about millennials (we’re lazy, technology-obsessed, and lacking social skills), but you can’t deny that this generation is passionate about health and a greener lifestyle. That counts […]

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