Cannabis Edibles

Cannabis Edibles to Get You In the Holiday Spirit

If the start of December doesn’t get you excited for Christmas and the holidays, then you must be some sort of Grinch. Personally, we can’t help but feel a sense of merriment this time of year. Maybe it’s the weed, maybe it’s the weather. Regardless, we put together this list of ingredients to assist you...  Read More

Increase Your Cannabis High With These Foods

Sometimes, you need a little extra something to bring your cannabis high to the next level. The same goes for alcohol, coffee, CBD—anything that alters your natural state. There are many external and internal influences at play when consuming cannabis, such as your diet, age, and tolerance. While some factors are out of your control,...  Read More

The Top Cannabis Restaurants from Coast to Coast

How many of you are itching to travel again? With temperatures on the rise and COVID-19 cases on the decline, now’s the perfect time to check out any one of these cannabis restaurants across the United States. Complete your vaccinated card, pack a bag, and work up a healthy appetite because these CBD and cannabis...  Read More

How to Make Your Own Cannabis Infusions at Home

With many of us working, living, crafting, and even exercising at home these days, you might be itching for a new hobby to uncover. Have you thought about making your own cannabis infusions? Or does it seem overly complicated? Though it might sound like a fair amount of work, it’s actually not that challenging to...  Read More

How to Find Edibles in a Less Cannabis-Friendly City

Not all of us are blessed to live in a state with legal cannabis, let alone medical cannabis. In today’s blog, we’ll take you through a personal experience of how to find edibles in a less cannabis-friendly city and/or state. It can be challenging to find THC or CBD-infused products in certain parts of the...  Read More

5 Delicious Coffee-Flavored Strains For Energy

After a year from pandemic hell, many of us are finally inching closer to normalcy in our day to day lives. And in that subtle normalcy resides your morning routine. Maybe you start your day with coffee or black tea, followed by a refreshing shower and skincare products, then a dog walk and off to...  Read More

Canna-Infused Thanksgiving Recipes

As the year comes to a close, you may or may not look back on 2020 without many thanks. What’s there to be thankful for, anyway? A global pandemic? A worsening economy? Another year under Donald Trump? If you can’t seem to shake off the dark cloud above your head, allow us to step in...  Read More

Cannabis Tea: Start Your Day The Right Way

Nothing says “good morning” like a hot cup of English Breakfast tea. They say nothing comes before coffee, but we here at Growers Choice, have an even better quote to live by: nothing comes before cannabis tea. In today’s article, we’ll explore the benefits of “high” tea as it pertains to mental and physical health,...  Read More

All About Cannabis Tea

This is a long one! It’s a good read, but if you’d rather jump to the most relevant section for you… What is Cannabis Tea? Fresh or cured leaves? The Benefits of Cannabis Tea Dosing Cannabis Tea Recipes Cannabis Stem Tea The Rise of Cannabis Tea Cannabis is currently enjoying its time in the spotlight, and...  Read More

The Best Cannabis Recipe Sites

Say what you want about millennials (we’re lazy, technology-obsessed, and lacking social skills), but you can’t deny that this generation is passionate about health and a greener lifestyle. That counts for the environment — climate change is real — and ourselves. Stats show that cigarette smoking is on the decline (dropping from 20.9% in every...  Read More

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