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Everything You Need to Know About Seed Weed


Do you wanna grow marijuana? Weed can be a wonderful thing. For decades, people have been using marijuana, and the world of weed has gotten better and better. The increasing legalization of marijuana around the globe has improved the marijuana we get to enjoy. These days, pot can be quite potent, quite delicious, and also definitely helpful for your health. As time goes on, we are going to see marijuana legalization increase, and thus the usage as well. Do you use marijuana? Is it something you use for fun, that you enjoy socially? Or do you use weed or its medicinal properties? Whatever the reason, if you are a weed user, you should consider growing your own plants from the seed. Seed weed, which is to say weed you grow from seeds, can completely change your relationship with weed, and in a wonderful way. Growers Choice Seeds should be your first step on the road to enjoying seed weed. From your first plant to your 500th, Growers Choice has seeds for all sorts of strains of weed.

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Compare Our Cannabis Seed Strains

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Why should I grow seed weed?

This may be your first obstacle to overcome in the path toward growing seed weed. We imagine you are buying weed from a dispensary, right? You buy the product of the weed plant after it has been grown and harvested. Does it work? Sure. So why grow seed weed? If the current system isn’t broken, why fix it? Hey, you can get some great marijuana at your local dispensary. We aren’t knocking what they are doing near you! However, for a true marijuana enthusiast, or a gardening enthusiast, seed weed is a great choice. You can still get great, high-quality weed. However, the entire plants are yours to do what you want with. Plus, you know everything about plants. Growing weed from the seed gives you more confidence in what you are smoking. It’s also going to be as fresh as possible. On top of that, seed weed is going to save you money over buying pre-harvested weed at a dispensary. You are buying seeds and growing your own weed. There are a lot fewer people who need to get paid to make that happen. Seeds are cheaper than plants. And hey, growing seed weed can be really relaxing too! There’s a reason why gardening is a hobby. Imagine gardening and then getting high for good measure!


What kind of seed weed can I get from Growers Choice Seeds?

Weed offers up a ton of variety, and so do we at Growers Choice. We have sativas, which are the strains that are energizing and give you a heady high. Then, there are our indica seed weed strains, which are relaxing and decompressing. They offer more of a body high from your seed weed. Of course, these days most of the strains we offer are hybrids, which have parentage from sativas and indicas. Some are dominant one way or another, while some are balanced. There are fruity strains, peppery strains, skunky strains, you name it. Many of our strains are Cannabis Cup winners. You can grow seed weed for some of the best weed strains in the world. Why not mix and match and grow an assortment of seed weed at home?

Does Growers Choice have quality seeds for my seed weed?

Of course, growing weed from the seed starts with, you know, the seeds. Needless to say, seed weed isn’t going to turn out all that great if the seeds aren’t of adequate quality. Fortunately for you, at Growers Choice Seeds we are dedicated to making sure you receive the best weed seeds possible. For starters, all our seeds are fully feminized. The thing about seed weed is that, in a vacuum, you might end up with male weed plants. These plants do not contain buds, and that means they have basically zero THC in them. Female plants are the ones that provide the buds. That makes getting male seeds a risk for seed weed, but Growers Choice eliminates that fear. By feminizing our seeds, we make sure you will get female weed plants each and every time. That’s one less thing to worry about. On top of that, Growers Choice lab tests all its seeds, and we hand-select the seeds for every order. We offer a germination guarantee for all our seed weed growers as well. If at least 90 percent of the seeds in your order don’t germinate, we will replace them. You are trusting us with your seed weed, and we take that seriously.

Is it hard to grow seed weed?

If you have a green thumb, you probably aren’t sweating growing seed weed. What about everybody else? What if you aren’t a plant grower, but a marijuana user? Fortunately, it doesn’t take expertise to successfully grow seed weed. Cannabis is one of the strongest, most-durable plants out there. It is not a delicate plant. It’s able to grow all over the globe in a variety of weather. If you are paying attention to your plants, growing seed weed should be well within your grasp. If you are concerned, maybe go with an auto-flowering strain. Your traditional weed strains flower based on light exposure. Auto-flowering strains, though, flower based on age. These plants are even more durable and easy to grow. For those growing weed from a seed for the first time, an auto-flowering strain could be a nice gateway. Eventually, we bet you’ll be able to manage with even the trickiest of strains, but we understand wanting to ease into the seed weed experience. Fortunately for you, many of our top weed seed strains are available as auto-flowering plants. Growers Choice Seeds is ready to take your order if you are ready to enjoy growing, and then partaking in, seed weed! Check out one of these top auto-flowering strains!

  • Cotton Candy Kush
  • Durban Poison
  • Hindu Skunk
  • Northern Lights
  • Tangerine Dream

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