Everything You Need to Know About Cannabis Seed Banks


There are money banks, blood banks, and in the Mighty Ducks film trilogy Adam Banks, but we are here to talk to you about cannabis seed banks. For those looking to buy cannabis seeds, the value of good, reliable cannabis seed banks cannot be overlooked. Are you somebody who grows marijuana at home for personal use? Or maybe you haven’t done that yet, but you are planning to start growing your own marijuana soon? Either way, you need a cannabis seed bank. What are cannabis seed banks? What do they do? Most importantly, what should you look for when picking between cannabis seed banks? There’s a lot to know, and luckily for you, a lot we have to say on the subject!

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Compare Our Cannabis Seed Strains

Presidential Bubba Kush Feminized 100% Indica 20% THC Evening
Lemon Haze Feminized 70% Sativa/30% Indica 23% THC Anytime
Cotton Candy Kush AutoFlowering 10% Ruderalis, 30% Sativa, 60% Indica 18% THC Anytime

What are cannabis seed banks?

Like the banks associated with money, storage is part of the game for cannabis seed banks. These cannabis seed banks store cannabis seeds and also sell them to customers looking for cannabis seeds. They do not, as far as we know, provide those Dum Dum suckers to children. However, that’s the baseline for what a cannabis seed bank does. A quality cannabis seed bank is doing much more than simply storing some cannabis seeds. Take, for example, Growers Choice Seeds. Yes, we are a cannabis seed bank, and we feel like we stand out among cannabis seed banks. Part of that is, like good cannabis seed banks, we are feminizing our cannabis seeds. Every seed that Growers Choice sells to its customers is fully-feminized, which guarantees you female plants. That’s vital for at-home growers because only female plants provide you with the THC-rich buds you need to enjoy marijuana. You can’t get high without THC! Worthwhile cannabis seed banks are making sure to feminize their seeds, and that’s what Growers Choice Seeds does.


What else can cannabis seed banks do?

Growers Choice is feminizing, storing, and selling seeds. We make sure to have seeds on hand for dozens of strains. There are indicas, sativas, and hybrids in the mix. Our cannabis seed bank contains high-CBD medical strain seeds as well. We have autoflowering seeds for marijuana plants that will flower based on age, not the light exposure cycle. That’s great for beginner growers! Cannabis seed banks worth their salt are thinking about newbies and experts in equal measure. Growers Choice delivers seeds all over the world. We also make sure that the seeds in our bank are of the highest quality possible. Our seeds are all lab tested, and we hand select the seeds for every order. Not all cannabis seed banks have that level of diligence. Growers Choice is so confident in our seeds that we offer a germination guarantee. If at least 90 percent of the seeds in your order don’t germinate, we will replace them. That’s what cannabis seed banks should do, and that’s what Growers Choice Seeds does.

Can cannabis seed banks help bigger growing operations?

Many customers for cannabis seed banks are at-home growers. They buy a handful of scenes and grow a few plants at a time. For at-home growers, there is usually a legal limit on the number of plants you are allowed to grow at a time. However, there are bigger operations out there, and Growers Choice Seeds can help them out as well. They need to buy seeds in bulk. Maybe you are a dispensary that wants to sell cannabis seeds to your customers. Perhaps you have a cannabis nursery, or you have a legal growing business. Growers Choice is a cannabis seed bank that can help you! We don’t just offer seeds in bulk. If you buy cannabis seeds in large quantities from Growers Choice, we will sell them to you wholesale! Even more exciting, Growers Choice now offers all of our high-quality, fully-feminized strains wholesale if you are so inclined. That includes our autoflowering seeds! Now, don’t get cute if you are an at-home grower and think you can save some money by buying wholesale. Our smallest wholesale offering is 500 seeds. You aren’t going to legally manage to use them all before some of them start going bad.

What are the best strains that cannabis seed banks offer?

This is subjective, of course, but there are certain ways to assess the best strains anyway. We have our favorites, naturally. Then, there are the Cannabis Cup winners. The Cannabis Cup has been a tastemaker in the world of marijuana for decades, and we have winning strains available from our cannabis seed bank including Northern Lights, Skunk #1, Jack Herer, Tangerine Dream, and Super Lemon Haze. Tangerine Dream is actually one of the most popular strains that Growers Choice Seeds provides seeds for as well. That could be another measure of the best strains, as long as you trust your fellow marijuana enthusiasts. Our most-popular strains also include Diesel, Critical Purple, Gorilla Glue, and White Widow. As one of the top cannabis seed banks out there, we have seeds available at the ready for many excellent strains. Our fully-feminized selection of seeds is ready to be delivered. At least, after somebody from the Growers Choice Seeds team hand selects the seeds for your order. An order that, again, comes with a germination guarantee. At this point, the value of reliable cannabis seed banks is clear. Without seed banks like Growers Choice, at-home marijuana growers would be out of luck. So would legal growing operations that want wholesale seeds! We will keep on storing seeds for indicas, sativas, and more. That’s what has us as one of the best cannabis seed banks out there. It’s time to see what a cannabis seed bank can do for you. Place an order with Growers Choice Seeds today. There are dozens of high-quality strains available we haven’t even mentioned yet. Our list of fully-feminized seeds available now for delivery includes:

  • Ghost Train Haze
  • Blueberry Kush
  • Pineapple Express
  • Snoop’s Dream
  • White Rhino

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