Cannabis Seeds in Mobile, Alabama

The single salt-water port in Alabama, Mobile is a mid-sized city populated with art and culture, historic buildings, and the University of South Alabama. Residents of the Mobile County seat enjoy exploring the Mobile Botanical Gardens and Bienville Square, admiring exhibits at the Mobile Museum of Art, and catching ball games at the Ladd-Peebles and Hank Aaron stadiums.

What are the laws surrounding cannabis and cannabis seeds in Mobile?

The Alabama government has determined that cannabis-derived products (specifically those containing CBD) can be used to treat patients suffering from epilepsy. There is plenty of evidence supporting the use of cannabis seeds and products to minimize epileptic seizures.

Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds sells three high CBD cannabis seed strains; thanks to their equal amounts of CBD and THC, these strains produce negligible psychoactive effects, while still offering the myriad benefits of this natural plant.

Can I use cannabis to treat pain?

Cannabis is an excellent choice for treating nerve-related pain; it blocks signals that the brain interprets as pain, offering relief to the patient. In addition to pain relief, cannabis seeds produce plants that have been shown to ease nausea and improve appetite (useful for those undergoing chemotherapy), calm anxious thoughts and lift depression, soothe stress and, depending on the strain, fight off fatigue or encourage sleep.

Ordering cannabis seeds in Mobile

If you live in Alabama, it is perfectly legal to purchase cannabis seeds as, unplanted, they are considered adult souvenir products. At Growers Choice, you can select the strains you want, and the number of seeds you require, online. After placing your cannabis seed order with our easy-to-use system, simply sit back and wait for your delivery. We offer all our US customers a flat shipping rate on cannabis seeds, so you’ll never find any surprise charges.

Our website is also full of helpful information about cannabis seeds and the benefits of cannabis products.

Rated 5 out of 5

Glowing reviews of Growers Choice cannabis seeds from our Mobile customers

These are easily the best seeds I’ve ever bought, cannabis-wise. I bought a few different types and I’m preserving some while I try out a batch of Mazar and Tangerine Dream. Fast shipping, healthy looking seeds, easy germination… all the points you’re looking for.

Claire N., Mobile, AL

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