Where to buy cannabis seeds in Lincoln?

Lincoln, Omaha was once listed among the 10 best places to retire to in the United States, but that doesn’t mean this city is sleepy. In fact, since 2013, Lincoln’s emerging music scene has boomed, to the point where some refer to it as a “Music City”, thanks in part to the Pinnacle Bank Arena. You can visit the spend the day the Sunken Gardens or the Nebraska State Capitol building, and in the evening take in a show at the Lied Center, or the Lincoln Community Playhouse.

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What makes cannabis a medical alternative?

For decades, cannabis has been used as an alternative medical treatment for a variety of conditions. It’s only recently that research has caught up to what cannabis proponents have known for a long time – cannabis is an effective and safe therapy for individuals looking for an all natural and potent alternative to chemical medicine made in a factory.

People in states where cannabis use is legal use this all-natural treatment to ease symptoms of:

  • Glaucoma
  • Cancer and cancer treatments
  • Arthritis
  • AIDS and HIV
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • PTSD
  • and many other conditions

Lincoln cannabis seeds and prepared cannabis products have many beneficial medical uses.

How can cannabis seeds reduce pain?

When used in moderation, cannabis is a powerful weapon against mild, chronic and acute (though short lived) pain. Currently, researchers have isolated the compound cannabidiol, or CBD, and have discovered that it effectively works on receptors in the brain to reduce muscle spasticity and provide a full body relaxation. Often, cannabis is prescribed to patients undergoing chemotherapy as it does double duty – providing pain relief and stimulating appetite. Indica-dominant strains of cannabis are prized for their “couch-lock” body high, which is experienced with the following strains:

  1. CBD Critical Mass
  2. Afghan auto-flowering
  3. OG Kush

Can I get weed seeds in Lincoln?

For the time being, cannabis use is still highly regulated in Nebraska, although proponents are actively working to get medical cannabis laws on the books in this state. You can still purchase quality weed seeds however, as these are considered adult novelty items and not contraband. Simply navigate to the Growers Choice, where you will find a curated selection of Lincoln cannabis seeds, all of which have been tested and inspected by hand prior to delivery in medical-grade glass vials.

Ordering from Growers Choice means your cannabis seeds arrive quickly, fresh, safe, and discreetly.

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