Cannabis and inflammatory bowel disease

It’s safe to say we have all suffered a sick stomach at one point or others in our lives, but for people with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), stomach pain can be relentless. The exact cause is unknown, but physicians believe that inflammation in the digestive tract is responsible for the constant troubles, which cause a whole host of other problems. Fortunately, research into the link between cannabis and gastrointestinal health is emerging, and it is proving positive for people with IBD. Purchase high quality Lancaster cannabis seeds online from Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds.

Cannabis and inflammatory bowel disease

To understand how weed can have an effect on the gut, you also have to understand a little bit about the stomach. The gut holds about 80% of human immune cells, and is directly connected to the brain through the vagal nerve (responsible for signalling the brain when you’re hungry, sick, or to prepare to fight or flight). Cannabinoids in cannabis seeds directly engage with these immune cells, and can impact the messages sent between the gut and the brain. Through this connection, cannabis can alter the gut-brain communication and reduce nausea, vomiting, and changes in pain perception.

Cannabis and inflammatory bowel disease

How does cannabis help IBD?

Though there are many ways cannabis works to help provide relief from IBD, the general consensus is that cannabis cannabinoids work on CB2 receptors in the intestines. A healthy intestine features very few CB2 receptors, while in an inflamed intestine more CB2 receptors appear. Cannabinoids are considered potent anti-inflammatories and can significantly reduce symptoms that are caused by excessive amounts of intestinal inflammation.

Can I use weed seeds in Lancaster?

In 2016, the Governor of Pennsylvania signed a bill into law that allowed patients with one of 17 qualifying conditions access to medical cannabis as a form of treatment. This is fantastic news for patients in Lancaster who hope to use medical cannabis as an alternative form of therapy, although the laws have yet to be enacted.

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Though there are many ways to use medical cannabis to treat inflammation, you might want to consider using edibles or pills in order to find relief. Smoking provides immediate effects, though lots of people are opposed to inhaling the harmful chemicals that come along with burning plant material. It will take longer for you to feel the effects of cannabis-infused edibles and pills and oils, but these effects will last longer, and are often more potent.

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