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Worrying about the provenance of your pot – especially when your health is on the line – is a thing of the past thanks to the advent of online shopping and the rise of reputable cannabis seed vendors like Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds. Our shelves are lined with superior genetics, the kind that will be the envy of your cannabis craving friends. We ship our seeds from coast to coast, convenience and quality in the palm of your hand.

Can cannabis be used to treat cancer?

What can be considered a modern medical miracle for sure, the chemicals found in cannabis have been found to help prevent cancer from spreading, this according to a report published in 2007 by the California Pacific Medical Center in 2007. Cannabinoids, specifically CBD, were studied against aggressive brain tumors in mice and cell cultures and showed that both THC and CBD can effectively slow the spread of or even shrink tumors when the correct dosage is administered, results positive enough to spur more research. It has also been noted that, along with other natural substances like turmeric, sulforaphane (broccoli sprouts), and oleocanthal (olive oil), cannabis substances like terpenes, polyphenols, and antioxidants can significantly affect apoptosis (or death) in certain cancer cells.

Is it legal to use weed seeds in Bentonville?

Back in 2014, the government of Arkansas laid the groundwork for the state’s medical marijuana program, which was finally legalized on November 8, 2016, when Issue 6 passed with 53% of the vote. In Bentonville, patients who have received a recommendation by their physician can access medical cannabis as part of their treatment. For now, the right to cultivate weed seeds at home is still a dream on the horizon, but advocates statewide are working tirelessly to bring the laws in Arkansas in par with other open-minded states across the nation.

How do I get cannabis seeds in Bentonville?

There are a number of ways you can get your hands-on cannabis seeds in a state like Arkansas, though if you’re picking beans out of a dime bag you can never be sure exactly what you’re getting, or exactly what you’re planting. Rather than waste precious time and money, visiting an online vendor like Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds means you have access to a catalog of top quality strains that have been carefully cultivated and inspected to guarantee you get your money’s worth out of every purchase. Not only do you have your pick of the litter, you can also have your seeds delivered to your front door – how’s that for service? Cannabis seeds are considered an adult novelty item when not germinated, and there is no penalty associated with buying or owning them.

Cannabis seeds for sale in Bentonville

Whether you want to stick to a pure sativa like Durban Poison, an heirloom strain like Bubba Kush or a medical marvel like CBD Shark, you’ll find the Bentonville cannabis seeds you’re looking for and more on the Growers Choice website. Peruse our catalog of some of the most potent and popular strains from around the world, all available for delivery from our facility to your front door. Every seed is hand picked and inspected for quality and viability before being carefully packaged and sent on its merry way. Concerned about your shipping options? Reach out to one of our friendly customer service team, and we’ll be happy to get back to you within 24 hours.

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Growers Choice rocks! The shipping was a bit delayed, but that’s alright since they let me know in advance of even buying that they might be a bit slower getting orders out. The packaging was super discreet, and the seeds were all in excellent shape. Everything’s going well for us. Will definitely be ordering from here again, and strongly urge anyone reading this to give Growers Choice a try!

Phil and Mary, Bentonville, AK

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