Therapeutic Benefits of Cannabis

The Cannabisplant is well-known for its healing and soothing medicinal properties. ‘Cannabinoids’ are neurotransmitter-like elements in the cannabis plant that ‘fit’—in lock & key fashion—into cannabinoid receptors throughout the body. The Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds online store offers cannabis strains tailored to your specific symptoms. Private, secure, online shopping makes it easy for you to comfortably order seeds that will be delivered straight to your door, so, in the safe seclusion of your own home, you can grow marijuana plants customized to your therapeutic needs.

Therapeutic Benefits of Cannabis

Buy Cannabis Seeds in Toronto

Growers Choice Seeds offers a variety of MJ seeds that will help ease your personal infirmity, whatever that may be! The company exists to help you learn about, find, and choose, premier grade cannabis seeds, even if the only ‘pot’ you’re familiar with was used to heat up some ‘soup’. If you’ve never gardened or aren’t blessed with a ‘green thumb’, Growers Choice offers a variety of ‘foolproof’ pot seeds. You will be happy to learn that Growers Choice has a 90% Germination Guarantee; non-germinating seeds will be replaced free of charge (see here).

Buy Cannabis Seeds in Toronto

The Growers Choice online catalogue contains seeds for a diversity of specific-symptom-targeting MJ plant strains: feminizedauto-flowering, and medicinal (plants labelled ‘medicinal’ have a significant CBD content of 7%; both feminized and auto-flowering seeds are options that make plant cultivation especially easy for beginners and non-gardening types).

Growers Choice provides informative links to educate and promote the success of your seed-growing efforts. You can learn about the different types of cannabis plants whose distinct genetics are used to create various strains and their unique characteristics; e.g., the auto-flowering seeds contain genetic material from the Ruderalis plant, which is fast-growing and resistant to cool temps.

Nothing beats the satisfaction of successfully rearing your own garden of pot plants, indoors or out!

NOTE: If you buy bulk from Growers Choice, you can receive up to a 70% discount.

Is it OK to grow Cannabis in Toronto?

*Update*: As of October 17, 2018 – it sure is! Up to four plants per residence, to be exact!

If you are already a doctor-approved user of medical cannabis you can legally obtain Toronto cannabis seeds to produce your own pot plants for personal use. All legal-age individuals can legally purchase cannabis seeds.

Cannabis for Back Pain

Back pain is probably one of the most common ailments in today’s Western society. We all spend so much time at a desk, often hunched over a keyboard, it’s a wonder any of us can stand up straight anymore! Among the almost countless benefits of marijuana is the ability to alleviate back pain, giving you just one more reason to say heck yes to the wonderful new legalization of this healing plant, here in Canada. Whether your pain is dull, throbbing, or stabbing, cannabis might be able to help. It’s essentially the CB2 receptors in the body that get the most out of cannabis for this purpose. In a study with mice that had and did not have these receptors, only those with the receptors benefited from reduced inflammation after receiving cannabis! Learn More: Cannabis for Back Pain

Cannabis for Back Pain

Best Weed Strains for Depression

THC mimics the body’s self-manufactured cannabinoid called anandamide, which is associated with a ‘feel-good’ response, but whose presence in one’s system is event-driven and short-lived. CBD blocks a substance called FAAH, which cuts off the positive charge of anandamide, so, by blocking FAAH, the body is free to produce a greater, longer-lasting supply of its own cannabinoid. Growers Choice seed strains combine the best traits of various Indica and Sativa cannabis varieties, so you can experience the most optimal effects of both THC and CBD.
You might consider the following strains (a few examples) if you suffer from DepressionOG Kush (high-THC + somewhat balanced Sativa/Indica ratio), Tangerine Dream (high-THC, medium-high CBD), or Northern Lights (moderate THC + high Indica-to-Sativa ratio). The Growers Choice website offers detailed, accessible intelligent descriptions of all our cannabis seed offerings. The percentage of THC and CBD in each plant variety is explained and discussed along with recommended and preferred therapeutic usage.

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These days you throw a stone down any street and you’re likely to hit a dispensary that sells a few seeds, but honestly, I’d rather order from here. I’ve been really happy with germ rates and yields from the Tangie and OG I’ve gotten so far.

Jason L., Toronto, ON