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If you’re looking to get cannabis seeds in St. John, look no further than Grower’s Choice. As a go-to resource for all of your cannabis growing needs, we’ve got the seeds, information, and experience to help you on your medicinal marijuana ventures.

Our online store holds a wide range of seeds, including auto-flowering, feminized, and medical varieties. Plus, our product is delivered discreetly to your door, adding some extra ease to the shopping process. What are you waiting for? Order your St. John cannabis seeds online from us today!

Are St. John Cannabis Seeds Legal?

Luckily for medical users, the growth and use of medical marijuana is legal across Canada. As such, those who obtain a prescription from a licensed doctor can grow cannabis plants for their own personal use. This being said, cannabis is not legal as a recreational drug. Stay tuned, though: major legislation could change this as early as July 1, 2018.

Are St. John Cannabis Seeds Legal?

Got Anxiety? Grow Some Weed Seeds

With instances of anxiety at an all-time high, many individuals are turning to pharmaceutical treatments to get relief. However, these drugs come with a host of unwanted side effects (which, in some cases, include increased anxiety—yikes!). If you struggle with an anxiety disorder, medical weed seeds can be grown and consumed as a treatment method—this natural alternative has fewer side effects than its pharmaceutical counterparts.

According to research on the subject, strains of St. John cannabis seeds that contain low THC levels (the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis) and high CBD levels (which has more analgesic effects) have been shown to help relieve anxiety.

Some of our favourite strains for anxiety include:

  • CBD Moby Dick
  • CBD Blueberry
  • CBD Critical Mass

Cannabis Seeds for Sale in St. John

We take pride in offering high-quality, safe-to-use, and effective St. John cannabis seeds. With this in mind, all of our seeds are subjected to a thorough assessment process before they are sold, ensuring that you get only the best seeds available. What’s more, we test our seeds rigorously before you receive them, making for a truly safe shopping process on your end.

Further, we hand-select each of our strains, only choosing with the best genetics on the market. To back this up, we promise a 90% germination rate on our cannabis seeds—the highest figure in the industry. With us, you can grow stress-free: any non-viable seeds will be replaced right away. Learn more about our germination promise by reading through our germination guide.

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