Benefits of Medical Cannabis

Pot, weed, MJ—no matter what name you know it by, the Cannabis plant is valued and sought-after for its medicinal properties. Cannabinoid receptors located throughout the human body connect with and are stimulated by neurotransmitter-like bits in the cannabis plant. The Growers Choice Seeds online store offers MJ seeds of the highest quality for growing pot plant strains attuned to your specific symptoms. Discreet, confidential, computer-based buying on an informative website with an excellent FAQ section and other instructional links, that makes ordering seeds—delivered straight to your door—as easy as pie.

Where to Buy Cannabis Seeds in Ottawa?

Where to Buy Cannabis Seeds in Ottawa?

Growers Choice supplies seeds for a diversity of specific-symptom-targeting MJ plant strains: feminized, auto-flowering, and medicinal (plants labeled ‘medicinal’ have a significant CBD content of 7%; both feminized and auto-flowering seeds are options that make plant cultivation especially easy for beginners and non-gardening types).

Growers Choice provides informative links to educate you, and promote the success of your seed-rearing efforts. You can learn, online, about the different types of cannabis plants whose distinct genetics are used to create various strains and their unique characteristics; e.g., the auto-flowering seeds contain genetic material from the Ruderalis plant, which is fast-growing and resistant to cool temps—perfect for those who are less patient or who are unaccustomed to nurturing anything ‘green’. Easy to follow steps are supplied to insure fulfillment of your sowing and harvesting efforts, and Growers Choice has a 90% Germination Guarantee: non-germinating seeds will be replaced free of charge (check out our Germination Guide for more information).

Nothing beats the satisfaction of actualizing your own garden of pot plants, indoors or out!

Best Weed For Nausea

If you have any upset stomach issues (e.g., purely from life’s stressors or if you’re undergoing chemotherapy) you should focus your attention on the high Indica pot strains and also look for a higher CBD percentage. These factors are notable for greater ‘body highs’ (‘relaxation’ ‘chill effect’ are bywords for the properties of CBD usage, vs the greater cerebral stimulation of, and attendant ‘cognitive’ impact of the higher Sativa pot plants which have a greater concentration of THC). Growers Choice provides pot seeds suitable for varying degrees of therapeutic application. If you’re clear on what symptoms you need to address, Growers Choice has a plethora of seeds with which you can grow your own medicinal and healing weed garden.

Best Weed For Nausea

Is it OK to grow Cannabis in Ottawa?

Individuals who have previously used pot for its therapeutic applications can legally obtain seeds and thereby privatize that process by growing/harvesting/utilizing their own weed supply in their personal indoor or outdoor gardening setups. Any individual of legal age can legally purchase pot seeds. Ottawa continues to iron-out its policies on pot-use outside of purely medicinal applications. It is advisable to stay abreast of developing legislation and to practice discretion.

Growing Cannabis For Beginners

Like all things in this consumerism world, a cannabis garden costs money. Rest assured that you don’t have to break the bank to successfully grow cannabis at home. We work with customers with all income backgrounds and budgets. We know customers who grow cannabis in their basement or laundry room to avoid the extra costs that come with growing outdoors. Set a realistic budget, stick to it, and decide upon a grow room based on that number. A cannabis beginner should pump the breaks before they go all-in on a grow room and spend all their money in one place. For starters, you don’t even know what type of grower you are yet. Beginner growers only require the basics to get your cannabis seeds going…

  • Cannabis seeds (available right here on our website)
  • Pot plants of various sizes
    • The easiest method would be to use a 5-gallon bucket
  • Grow lights (LED, Fluorescent, HID, or induction lights depending on your budget)
  • Soil with all the necessary plant nutrients
    • (Nitrogen (N)
    • Potassium (P)
    • Calcium (Ca)
    • Phosphorus (Ph)
    • Magnesium (Mg)
    • Iron (Fe)
    • Copper (Cu)
    • You can also grow cannabis using a soilless method
  • A watering/lighting schedule

Curiosity-seeking in Ottawa

So you think just because this town seats Canada’s government things might get a little starchy and staid? WRONG!!! For a really off the beaten path experience, try—of your own free will—spending the night in a closed-for-the-usual-business ‘clink’ via the HI-Ottawa Hostel, whose space is the former Carleton County Gaol. If you’re a history buff who considers all the ways a modern man might induce Armageddon but are also happy to be reminded of how the big goodbye has been avoided to date, have a look-see at the telltale memorial, of sorts, The Diefenbunker and its 378-ft blast tunnel, part of a 4-story deep, subterranean nuclear fortress.