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If you’re looking for high-quality cannabis seeds in Nanaimo, you’ve come to the right place. Growers Choice is an online cannabis retailer dedicated to providing only the freshest, top-quality strains of cannabis—including feminized, auto-flowering, and medical seeds—to suit the needs of our customers. Our procuring and fast delivery method is effective and efficient, providing our customers with best products in the industry in tandem with great customer service. Plus, our 90% germination rate defines Growers Choice as an industry leader. Order Nanaimo cannabis seeds today and let Growers Choice guide you towards better health!

Best cannabis seeds for pain

From everyday strains on the body, to patients suffering from pain attributed to medical conditions such as cancer or epilepsy, cannabis seeds are used in medical environments to treat all levels of pain from chronic to acute.

Some of the Growers Choice cannabis seeds that work to reduce pain are:

  • Power Plant Feminized Cannabis Seeds
  • American Haze Feminized Cannabis Seeds
  • Tangerine Dream Auto-Flowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds
  • CBD Moby Dick Medical Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Don’t know what to do after you have ordered your seeds? Check out our Cannabis Seed Germination Guide ( for the next steps in growing your cannabis garden. If you still have more questions, our incredible customer care team is here to help.

Best Kamloops cannabis seeds for anxiety

Are Nanaimo cannabis seeds safe?

Due to the fact that cannabis has very little side effects, many cannabis users are more likely to opt for cannabis over prescription drugs. Along with its use to aid many medical conditions—like anxiety, chronic pain, and depression—studies are attempting to demystify cannabis as well as prove against long-term damage caused by regular usage.

Can weed seeds help with Multiple Sclerosis?

While Multiple Sclerosis is a debilitating disease that attacks the nervous system, affecting motor coordination and muscle strength, studies have shown the benefits of using cannabis to control its symptoms, as well as providing relief. In fact, in 2013, a study found that patients who used cannabis for the treatment of MS saw a promising improvement, especially with sleep quality and reducing pain.

To learn more, visit our blog for clinical studies and articles showcasing the treatment the effects that cannabis has on patients with MS.

Cannabis seeds for sale in Nanaimo

Growers Choice is your best bet when it comes to purchasing cannabis seeds from a reputable, online retailer. With discreet shipping in U.S. and Canada, and one of a kind germination rate, our customer service team goes above and beyond to provide our customers with convenience and guaranteed satisfaction. Grow with Growers choice and buy your Nanaimo cannabis seeds today!

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I recently purchased cannabis seeds from Growers Choice and I couldn’t be happier with the quality of seeds that I received. As one who likes to test and compare products to other brands, it’s safe to say that I’m sticking with Growers Choice.