Buy Cannabis Seeds in Hay River

Hay River cannabis seeds can be found online right here on the Growers Choice website. You can find over 40 indica, sativa, and hybrid strains on our website that you can have delivered almost anywhere in Canada. We strive to only offer the best-quality cannabis seeds so you can focus on your health.

Cannabis seeds for sale in Hay River

When you buy from Growers Choice, you know exactly what you are getting. Our seeds are not just hand-picked, but they are also inspected and tested. That way, you can find detailed information about each of our strains and make the best choice for you. We even have wholesale options if you want to sell our seeds or if you have a legal growing operation. Whether you want one seed or 100, our cannabis seeds are the best in the industry!

Cannabis seeds for sale in Hay River

Is cannabis against the law in Hay River?

Cannabis is legal to use and grow in Hay River for medicinal use. Cannabis seeds are legal to purchase and own across North America, as they are considered adult novelty souvenirs. A bill has also been proposed to legalize recreational cannabis by mid-2018. For now, you can get approval from Health Canada to grow your own plants.

Discover the benefits of weed seeds

You may be thinking of buying weed seeds so you can grow your own medicine, and we’re all for it.
Cannabis has proven to have many medical benefits, with new studies emerging to support these findings.

A new study has shown that cannabis can slow and stop cancer cells from spreading.
Cannabis has been reported and proven to reduce pain and inflammation, making it a great choice for those who suffer from arthritis.
CBD has been proven to control epileptic seizures.
A recent study suggests that smoking cannabis soothes tremors for those who have Parkinson’s disease.
Certain strains can help reduce anxiety.
It can stimulate the appetite.

You can find more information about how medical cannabis can help you on our blog.

Hay River cannabis seeds: what are feminized seeds

Feminized seeds contain no male chromosomes. These seeds are an ideal choice for those who want a quick and easy growing process. Feminized plants mean that you are getting exactly the number of plants you want, without having to worry about identifying any male plants. Feminized seeds are grown the same way, and can actually be more stable than regular seeds.

You can find all our feminized Hay River cannabis seeds on our website. Each strain offers a unique set of benefits. You can even use two different strains at the same time for combined benefits!

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Life changing cannabis seeds

I’ve been growing for probably 5 years now, and I always lose about half of my seeds because of germination problems. I love that I’m getting the female plant from Growers Choice plus out of three orders (25 seeds), I’ve only had one seed not germinate. Worth every penny.