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If you’re looking for high-quality Dawson cannabis seeds, you’re in the right place. Growers Choice is the only choice when it comes to the best cannabis seeds in the industry. We hand-pick our seeds to ensure freshness, and inspect and test them to ensure quality—which we back with our 90% germination guarantee. Plus, you’re ordering online in a few simple steps, and your seeds will be delivered to you. How easy is that?

Weed seeds shelf life

If you don’t plan on germinating your weed seeds right away, be sure to keep your cannabis seeds in a dark and dry place. Once your seeds come into contact with moisture, they will start to germinate. While your seeds are packed away properly, they should last up to three years.
If you do plan to germinate, follow our germination guide for the best results. You can also find advice on how to build the best grow room when you are ready to get started. Once you’re setup, you’re ready to start growing your own medicine!

Weed seeds shelf life

Cannabis seeds for sale in Dawson

Find everything you need for purchasing premium cannabis seeds right here on the Growers Choice website. Not only do we have over 40 varieties for you to choose from, but we also keep you updated on growing tips, and cannabis news. As well, we are dedicated to offering only the highest quality cannabis seeds, so you can be sure that you are getting exactly what you order.

Dawson cannabis laws

Cannabis laws are going to be changing over the next year. Recreational cannabis use is progressing towards legalization by July 2018. Currently, medicinal use is legal across Canada. In fact, you can even grow a limited number of plants with approval from Health Canada.

Dawson cannabis seeds and depression

Fighting depression can feel impossible, especially when pharmaceutical prescriptions come with a whole new list of symptoms. If you’re thinking about giving cannabis a try for combating depression symptoms, check out these strains:

  • CBD Moby Dick – with equal levels of CBD and THC, Moby Dick is great for fighting anxiety and depression. A sativa-dominant strain, you’ll feel energized and relaxed enough to take on the day.
  • CBD Blueberry – An indica-dominant strain, CBD blueberry is a great night-time choice. You can soothe anxiety and find a restful sleep with this CBD-rich strain.
  • Jack Herer – With a burst of energy, you’ll move easily throughout the day without feeling overpowered.

You can find more information about treating depression with cannabis on our blog. You can also find several other Dawson cannabis seeds that are great for relieving depression symptoms on our website.

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Really just happy with my order. Don’t usually buy online, but it was really simple and quick. Got my seeds in the glass vial and they look good. The germination guide works, so I wouldn’t look at any other guide. Really impressed.