It’s the question on everyone’s mind: are marijuana seeds illegal? Left and right, regulations surrounding this oft-maligned weed have been changing in our favor, granting access to patients in desperate need of natural and effective therapies and recreational enthusiasts who just want to have a deeper experience at that concert or festival. But even as states pass new laws around the use and sale of marijuana, confusion still swirls around marijuana seeds, the minuscule precursor to the powerful, versatile, and in-demand plant.

A Closer Look At Cannabis Seeds

Technically speaking, marijuana seeds are innocuous, tiny little seeds packed with impressive potential. On their own, they aren’t psychoactive. These magic morsels don’t contain the highly sought-after cannabinoids THC and CBD, just the building blocks necessary to produce strong, potent plants. (THC and CBD aren’t produced until THC-A and CBD-A undergo a process called decarboxylation, which occurs when buds are heated. THC-A and CBD-A develop during plant growth.)

Some other marijuana seed truths… 

  • You can eat marijuana seeds: much like chia and flax seeds, marijuana seeds (most often labeled as “hemp seeds”), are considered nutritionally beneficial, with an almost perfect balance of essential fatty acids like Omega 3, Omega 6, and Omega 9. You will usually find the shelled variety lining the shelves of your local health food store, and they provide a nutty crunch to any salad or smoothie.
  • Smoking marijuana seeds won’t get you high: since marijuana seeds don’t contain psychoactive cannabinoids, smoking them to get high would be pointless. They become little hot potatoes that can pop out and burn holes in your gear, and there’s a good chance you’ll just end up with a headache.

Marijuana seeds are harmless on their own, but even though they are classified as “adult novelty items” or “souvenirs”, there’s still a legitimate concern that customs officials, even in states where marijuana cultivation has been written into law, will confiscate a package of them. Why? 

Ignoring the obvious financial implications that a marijuana production system backed by the government entails, the Food and Drug Administration would have its hands full trying to figure out how to enforce rules and regulations around the standards of cultivating cannabis seeds on as massive a scale as the DIY marijuana market.

Let’s also consider the fact that, to the untrained eye, marijuana seeds could look like the seeds of any other plant, perhaps one on the list of flora not allowed into the country. Which brings us to another interesting factoid about weed seeds.

Which Seed Is Which?

If you ordered a grab bag of cannabis seeds thinking you’d be able to tell the strains apart you would be wrong. Indica, sativa, ruderalis, or some interesting combination… marijuana seeds pretty much all look the same: most often brown (though the actual shade can vary), and with stripes across the shell. 

Side note: Seeds that are green are young and not ready for planting. Seeds that are grey and can easily be crushed between your index finger and thumb with moderate pressure are old and wouldn’t have been viable had you tried to germinate them. If the seeds are any other color, shape, or texture, try germinating them — you never know!

Here is another important distinction: marijuana seeds do not contain psychoactive properties, but the plants they produce do. The exception is ruderalis cannabis, native to Russia, which produces a plant that contains little to no THC.

How To Buy Marijuana Seeds

Marijuana has finally earned a more favorable reputation at the table but there are still those states that make it slightly more difficult for patients to purchase seeds. Even those states that have given cannabis cultivation the go-ahead may still have customs officials confiscate packages without warning. There usually aren’t any criminal charges associated with having you purchase purloined by the government, it’s just super inconvenient! 

When you’re ready to start shopping for marijuana seeds, try your local dispensary first so you can get a lay of the land. Many shops only carry already-cured cannabis products, or a few will have cuttings on offer but no seeds. Be sure to do research before you make the trek for nothing.

Most importantly, order from a reputed online retailer. Yes, we just said that ordering seeds from a vendor that is either outside the state or outside the country can be risky business but when you find a reputed dealer with great reviews, chances are higher that they will take the necessary precautions to ensure your package reaches its destination. 

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One last time — are marijuana seeds illegal? The answer is no because a) some people choose to eat marijuana seeds (like pumpkin or sesame seeds) and b) eating/smoking marijuana seeds will not get you high because it lacks THC and CBD.