Top 5 Cannabis Seeds in Winston-Salem in 2023


Getting cannabis seeds in Greensboro, North Carolina

Many people are using cannabis for their anecdotal therapeutic benefits. Some of them are growing their own cannabis plants at home for their personal use. Doing so saves them a lot of green in the long run. Are you curious about this? That’s great! For those of you in Greensboro, North Carolina who want to grow cannabis yourself, check out these top cannabis seed strains. They are just a handful of the great strains we have.

Top 5 Cannabis Seeds in Winston-Salem



White Rhino feminized cannabis seeds

Heavy-hitting White Rhino marijuana comes in hard with the THC content and bliss-inducing effects. Relatively easy in the garden, it’s yield is as impressive as its performance.

Skywalker OG Feminized Cannabis Seeds

No. 2

Blackberry Kush feminized cannabis seeds

Blackberry Kush marijuana is well-known for its sweet fragrance and versatile profile. Easy on beginners, it flowers quickly, and provides an impressive yield.

Sunset Sherbert Feminized Cannabis Seeds

No. 3

Blue Cheese feminized cannabis seeds

Blue Cheese marijuana delivers deep and long-lasting relaxation on a puff of dank yet sweet smoke. Boasting naturally impressive levels of both THC and CBD, this easy-to-grow strain will appeal to all of your senses.

Fruity Pebbles Feminized Cannabis Seeds

No. 4

White Widow Auto-Flowering feminized cannabis seeds

Rather than leave you high and dry, White Widow marijuana is an earthy sweet lady with a hefty helping of THC. She’s easy on the body and mind, and even better in the garden.

Critical Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds

No. 5

Durban Poison feminized cannabis seeds

An energizing and mood-boosting strain, our Durban Poison is the ultimate sativa. You’ll find yourself more socially at ease but make sure to start small with this strain – it’s a powerful one!

Is cannabis legal in North Carolina?

Here is a sticky situation, and not the good kind of “sticky” associated with marijuana. After all, cannabis can be a complicated subject for many a state government. North Carolina is a state that is not necessarily kind to cannabis currently.

So what’s the story? For the Tar Heel State, marijuana is not exactly a welcome visitor. Sure, possession of less than half an ounce has been decriminalized, but that’s about it. No recreational marijuana. No medical marijuana. We know you can’t grow cannabis plants in North Carolina yet. So why are we here talking to you? Because things can change.

Growers Choice cares about cannabis seed quality

You may not be able to take advantage of one of our current sales in Winston-Salem, but maybe you have a friend or family member in a different state that can. Or maybe you’ll be moving soon. Who knows what the future might hold? Whatever it is, Growers Choice Seeds will be here to provide top-notch cannabis seeds.

We’re talking lab-tested seeds. We’re talking hand-selected seeds for every order. Want a germination guarantee? You got it! Our seeds will germinate for our customers, or they are off the hook. Your job is to grow the plants. Our job is to provide the seeds you need.


Cannabis delivery for Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Want to feel like a real winner? Get your cannabis seeds delivered! Growers Choice can make that happen! We deliver all over the country. We’d happily deliver to Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Maybe now isn’t the right time to do that, but we’ll be around. Someday we bet you’ll be able to buy cannabis seeds from us.

Rated 5 out of 5

I know people who use marijuana for anxiety or for pain. I’m glad Growers Choice provides seeds for all sorts of strains. They are helping people with all sorts of needs. Way to go!

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